BeYouthful Pro-Ageing Eye Cream With Cacay Oil

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  • Look Less tired - Gently apply to the sensitive skin around and under the eyes. You will feel slight tightening of the skin giving your eyes a brighter, more wide awake look. A little goes a long way and you'll love the way your eyes look opened up. Help relieve tired looking eyes when travelling. Compact bottle easy to carry in makeup bag.
  • No More Panda Eyes - Dark circles under the eyes only look cute on Tian Tian. The natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant ingredients, Cacay oil, Green tea extract and Passionfruit oil in our eye cream will help to reduce dark circles, eyebags and puffiness under and around the eyes.
  • Love The Feeling - This light, silky textured cream sinks in quickly and feels slightly cool and refreshing on the skin. There is no greasy or sticky residue once the cream has absorbed and makeup goes on fine over it. There is a light fragrance which shouldn't clash with your other products.
  • Revitalise Ageing Skin - Cacay Oil, Hyaluronic acid, Arnica oil and Argan oil will hydrate the skin so that it is softer and smoother making fine lines and wrinkles less visible and giving a more youthful appearance. The fine skin around the eyes will look less crepey and healthier with a more uniform skin tone.
  • All Natural Skincare - Using organic oils, Cacay, Argan and Avocado, plus prime active ingredients,vitamin E, hyaluronic acid and raspberry extract means you are not putting parabens or any artificial additives/fragrances on your skin. Our eye cream is Not Tested on Animals and comes in a frosted glass jar.
Expiry Indicator

Expiry Indicator
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