BeYouthful Tea Tree Spray 100ml


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  • BeYouthful Tea Tree Spray, with all of its natural anti-bacterial, antiviral and antiseptic qualities, is a safe way to keep you and your family clean and protected from germs and viruses without the use of any harmful or drying chemicals.
  • You can go right ahead and spray it on any surface that may need to be disinfected, such as door handles, tabletops, elevator buttons, and so on. You can also use our BeYouthful Tea Tree Spray in the bedroom on your bedsheets, linens, and pillows to prevent unwanted parasites. Don't worry, there won't be any harsh smell lingering after.
  • Because it is natural and organic, our Tea Tree spray can also be used directly on your skin, and not just your hands. You can even use this as a toner/makeup remover or even for hair and scalp care. Spray it on insect bites to help relieve itchiness. You can also apply it on minor cuts and scrapes.
  • Handy And Portable 100ml bottle with spray top so that you can literally bring it anywhere.
  • BeYouthful Tea Tree Spray is a steam distilled hydrosol free from parabens and additives. It is 100% natural and organic. Not tested on animals and is vegan-friendly.  

How To:

Spray directly onto surfaces that need a good cleaning. 


Steam distilled from Australian Tea Tree leaves and flowers (Melaleuca Alternifolia). Free from Any Additives, Parabens, Sulphates and GM Organisms