BeYouthful Organic Argan Oil 100ml


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  • BeYouthful Argan Oil is 100% Pure and Organic, Cold-Pressed, and is ethically sourced and from Berber Women's Co-operatives In South West Morocco. Very versatile, this oil may be applied all over, on your skin, hair, and nails, to help nourish as well as protect. It is light and easily absorbed, so with regular use, you will get the full benefits of using what has been dubbed as liquid gold without having to deal with any stickiness left behind.
  • Another great thing about BeYouthful Argan Oil is that you can use it on its own or as a base for numerous skin and hair care products such as toners, serums, creams, massage oils, scrubs, masks and more. Each purchase comes with a free guide on some of our favorite homemade recipes.
  • This oil is fully traceable. It comes in an amber glass bottle to preserve the product. It also has a pipette dropper for easy use. As with all of our products, BeYouthful Argan Oil is not tested on animals and is vegan-friendly. It is free of chemicals and parabens and there is no added coloring or fragrance. You get nothing short of pure, natural Argan Oil.

How To:

You can apply directly onto skin as a moisturizer. Simply take a drop or two on your palm and rub together to heat up. Then pat all over face and neck.

For hair, you can apply on both wet and dry. Again, take a drop or two, rub onto your hands, then run through from root to tip. A drop or two is all you really need. If you use more, your hair could end up looking oily.

You can also rub directly onto your nails to help them grow healthier and stronger. 


Pure Moroccan cold-pressed organic Argan Oil high in Vitamin E, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids.