BeYouthful Lemon Balm Spray 100ml


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.Extracted from the Melissa plant, BeYouthful has come out with this distillate 'floral' water that contains just the right amount of essential oils and therapeutic qualities that offer a wide range of uses and benefits, the BeYouthful Lemon Balm Spray (Melissa Officinalis Hydrosol)

How To:

  • You can use this Lemon Balm Spray as a facial toner. Add this to your daily routine by simply spritzing a cotton pad/ball and gently rub all over your face and neck. Do so right after cleansing, but before the other steps in your routine (serums, moisturizers, etc.) Not only will this take off any excess dirt, but it will also nourish, awaken, tone and tighten your skin. Apply to acne and blemishes to reduce inflammation. Apply to sunburn and insect bites to ease discomfort.
  • Great to help soothe insect bites, other itches, and gentle enough for nappy rash, too.
  • The BeYouthful Lemon Balm Spray can also be used to help calm and uplift your senses. You can go ahead and directly spray any room you like. To help sleep better, since lemon Balm is thought to help alleviate anxiety and even insomnia, you can also spray right onto your pillow at night for better sleep
  • It is easy to take along. The 100ml bottle with spray nozzle can be easily stowed away in your bag to take along with you or you can even leave it in your car glove compartment as well. Because of its anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, this is great for disinfecting your hands as well as other surfaces from germs and the like. Really important to keep clean nowadays.
  • The BeYouthful Lemon Spray also has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and antifungal qualities. So this spray can help clean and even heal minor cuts, wounds and bruises. Because it is all-natural, it is pet friendly and is safe to be used on your furry friends.
  • Our Lemon Balm Hydrosol - Steam distilled from the fragrant flowers and leaves of the Melissa Officinalis plant. The resulting water has a subtler citrus, herbaceous aroma than the more concentrated lemon balm essential oil. Grown and Distilled in the UK. The spray has not been tested on animals and is vegan friendly.