BeYouthful Cacay Oil

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  • Improve Skin Appearance - Uniquely high concentration of Retinol (vitamin A), Linoleic acid and vitamin E will rejuvenate your face. Blotchy age spots, dark circles under the eyes and dull skin tone will be reduced leaving a more radiant glow. Cacay oil will moisturise and protect the skin, preventing the onset of fine lines and wrinkles and reducing the depth of existing wrinkles.
  • Maximize Skin Health - Retinol and Linoleic acid work at a cellular level to protect skin cells from free radical damage and preserve their vitality and maintain healthy cell turnover. Retinol can interrupt the decline in collagen generation caused by exposure to Sun UV radiation and other environmental factors. Outwardly, your skin will be smoother, firmer and have more elasticity, again reducing the severity of wrinkles, especially crow's feet, forehead lines and wrinkles under the eyes.
  • Total Body Care - The anti-inflammatory nature of Cacay oil can ease skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema and acne. Reduce stretch marks, blemishes and scarring. Strengthen brittle and break prone nails. Soothe sunburn and inflamed skin. Massage into cracked heels for repair and relief from pain.
  • Effective Hair Treatment - Use Cacay oil for a salon standard hair treatment that will nourish and protect your hair leaving it silky and lustrous. Repeated use will prevent split ends and help to manage frizzy uncontrollable hair.
  • Quality Natural Product - Pure 100% cold pressed Cacay oil absorbs quickly when applied to the skin, hair and nails. All natural, active skin and hair care, free of additives, fragrances and parabens. This light yellow oil with subtle nut smell is sustainably sourced from the Colombian Amazon rainforest and not tested on animals. Good for vegans. Amber glass bottle preserves the potency of the oil and dropper top makes it easy to dispense.
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Expiry Indicator
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