Top 5 Rosehip Oil Benefits for Skin

Posted by Vida Mercado on

As many other oils, Rosehip can be used in various different ways. But for now, we will focus just on Rosehip Oil benefits for skin. But do note that it is not limited to these. Here are out top five.


Rosehip Oil Benefits for Skin:

  1. Hydrates and Moisturizes

It is very important to hydrate and moisturize, which just happens to be one of the top Rosehip Oil benefits for skin. You see, first of all, Rosehip Oil is a dry oil, which means that it is easily absorbed by the skin. So you get to moisturize your skin without worrying about making it too greasy or oily. Second, because Rosehip Oil is jam packed with all of these essential acids, such as linoleic acid, Rosehip Oil helps lock in moisture by keeping your cell walls strong.

  1. Boosts Collagen Production

Aside from hydrating and moisturizing, if you want to keep your skin nice and supple, collagen is key. So you want to boost collagen production as much as possible, especially as you get older. Rosehip Oil a rich source of both Vitamin A and Vitamin C, two very important vitamins when it comes to the production of collagen. And side from that, it has been shown that Rosehip Oil also helps prevent the production of MMP-1, an enzyme that actually breaks down collagen. So not only does Rosehip Oil help increase the production of Collagen, but it even helps prevent the loss of it. 

  1. Exfoliates and Brightens

We’ve already said before but we’ll say it again, Rosehip Oil is a rich source of Vitamin A. And this is one of the top benefits of Rosehip Oil for skin because Vitamin A is actually retinol, which is a great exfoliant. And by exfoliating your skin, not only do you help make softer and smoother, but even brighter. Exfoliating helps slough off dull, dead skin cells to make room for new ones to grow. So Rosehip Oil also increase skin cell turnover.

  1. Protects Against Sun Damage

Rosehip Oil is also a great source of antioxidants (in the forms of Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and Vitamin C). And antioxidants actually help fight off all of those nasty UV rays that we are exposed to every single day, aka sun damage.

But do remember, sunscreen should always be a part of your skincare routine, even when it is cold and gloomy outside. Just because you don’t see the sun doesn’t mean that its UV rays aren’t hard at work. So always put on sunscreen.

  1. Reduces the Appearance of Fine Lines and Wrinkles

To note again that Rosehip Oil is full of antioxidants means that this oil also helps prevent and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Always remember this : Antioxidants = Anti-aging, which also helps address the issue of uneven tone, age spots, and sagging skin, all of which have been previously mentioned above.

 How To Use Rosehip Oil on Skin:

It is really very simple to add Rosehip Oil to your regular skincare routine. First, always start off with a clean face. So after you've washed your face with your favorite cleanser, pat dry with a towel, then you may apply Rosehip Oil. One of the best ways to do so is to take about two drops and rub between your palms. Then gently pat all over face and neck. Let it sit for a minute or so before you continue on and layer the rest of your skincare.



BeYouthful Rosehip Oil has no Additives or chemical. It is 100% pure and organic. BeYouthful Rosehip oil is cold pressed from the seeds in wild rose plants (Rosa rubiginosa) native to the foothills of the Andes Mountains In Chile. The oil is naturally rich in essential fatty acids omega 3, 6, 9 and provitamin A (Beta-carotene). Jam packed with these powerful antioxidants, it has amazing and versatile qualities for our skin and hair.


The great thing about adding oils to your skincare routine is that you can use the on their own or you can actually make a whole new product. Masks are always great. Check out some of our top homemade Rosehip Oil mask recipes here!