Quarantine "Ber" Weight Watch

Posted by Vida Mercado on

There’s no denying it, aside from all the holiday feasts that come with the season, it’s basically your body’s way of survival. When it is cold, you tend to eat more. Food means fuel for your body that helps you keep warm. And being cooped up during quarantine is definitely not helping. WFH can have is perks, but it does make it easy to fall off your fitness bandwagon.

So what if you gain a pound or two? That’s fine. Gain 10, not so good. Hard, but not impossible, here are a couple tips, a basic quarantine “ber” weight watch if you will, to help you keep those unwanted pounds from piling up.

Don’t Hibernate 

Another thing to battle when the temperature drops is the tendency to get sluggish and just stay in bed. It is called cuddle weather, after all. But you have to keep moving.

  1. Get The Right Gear 

Don’t hibernate, motivate yourself with new gear. Heck, even when it’s not cold outside, a new pair of running shoes or some really cute leggings usually do the trick. But in this case, more than just for the aesthetics, you need to check out function. Two words : Thermal Wear.

  1. Sign Up For An Online Class

Another thing that will motivate you to get moving is to sign up for an online class. Although you may be stuck at home and there is a high possibility that your local gym is still closed due to the pandemic, there are actually tons of online classes to choose from-- anything form yoga to HIIT. 

  1. Find a Workout Buddy (from your own home, of course, if you can)

You can be a great help to each other. Not only will you motivate one another, but it will actually make working out much more fun. The more of a gym rat/yogi your buddy is, the better. 

  1. Have a Quick Backup Routine

For days when you really can’t commit to an hour or so, have a quick routine that you actually like. There are tons of short home exercise videos online that you can watch. Remember, even 15 minutes is better than nothing.  

Eat Right, or At Least Try To

This may probably be even tougher than getting yourself to exercise. With a stash of snacks in your cupboard and fast food being just a quick call or text away, it can be very hard to stick to healthy choices.

  1. Indulge in Moderation

Denying yourself that slice of pumpkin pie or that glass or eggnog will only make you crave it more. So a little indulgence really isn’t all that bad, LITTLE being the keyword. So, go ahead and enjoy. Treat yourself to treats, but not every day. Everything in moderation, and do follow up with healthy choices after. Maybe skip the dressing on the salad.

  1. Keep A Food Diary

Seeing what you’ve eaten, how much of it you’ve had, and how often you’ve had it can really help put things into perspective. So, you’ve had cake three days in a row now, maybe cut back on the sweets for a bit. Now, counting calories is rather controversial. But it can be very effective and rewarding as long as you don’t drive yourself nuts doing so. Plus, there are tons of apps that can help make it easier.

  1. Substitute


So, how do you cut back on the sweets when you have a sweet tooth? Substitute that cake you’ve had quite a bit of with something healthier like fruits. Instead of white bread, choose whole wheat. Yogurt instead of ice cream.

Keep Healthy

The ber season is also the flu season. So, it is really important to give your immune system an extra boost, especially with COVID on the loose. Aside from what we’ve already discussed, by keeping active and eating right, here are a couple other things you should do to keep yourself from coming down with the sniffles.

  1. Take Vitamins.

Taking your daily vitamin pill will make sure that your body gets all the nutrients it needs. Because sometimes, even when we eat right, we just don’t get enough of the good stuff.

  1. Keep Warm

Aside from thermal wear, always be sure to cover you head with a bonnet or a hat as well.

  1. Rest

Yes, although we have emphasized on the importance of exercise, getting enough rest is just as important. You need proper recovery after a good work out, too. And despite what they say, sleep is not for the weak. However, it is true that you should aim for quality over quantity when it comes to catching some zs.