Pomegranate Oil Benefits

Posted by Vida Mercado on

Pomegranate Oil For The Skin

When it comes to skincare, there are many pomegranate oil benefits that you can enjoy. One that definitely tops the list is that with regular use, your skin will look and feel younger. You see, pomegranate oil is jam-packed with antioxidants. And as a rule of thumb, antioxidants = all around anti-aging. It is definitely a key ingredient to keep all those unwanted fine lines and wrinkles at bay. So how that works is antioxidants basically fight off nasty free radicals that come from UV rays which in return may cause some serious damage. And by simply applying a few drops of pomegranate seed oil, you are actually helping prevent and even treat cellular degradation as well as premature aging. In other words, this oil combats wrinkles, as already mentioned, but sagging skin, age spots, as well as a dull and uneven skin tone.

With regular use, and just a few drops a day, your skin will begin to notice softer, smoother skin, with a natural, youthful glow.

Pomegranate Oil For The Hair

However, pomegranate oil benefits don’t stop at skincare. This oil is very versatile as it can also be used on your hair. Because of the punicic acid found in this oil, which is an omega 5 fatty acid, it is really great for treating dry and damaged strands. With continuous use, hair will get stronger, healthier, and shiner in no time. Make sure to massage a couple of pomegranate oil drops onto your scalp to help treat and prevent dandruff, too. This will actually also help stimulate hair growth as well. And if you need quick frizz fix or detangler, pomegranate oil instantly works.

Another great thing about BeYouthful Pomegranate Seed oil is that because it is 100% natural and organic, you can use it straight from the bottle all on its own or you can simply add a few drops to enhance your already favorite products and make them even better, like your go-to moisturizer, for instance, or your favorite face mask. Heck, if you’re feeling creative, you can even go ahead and make your very own beauty products by combining it with other skin friendly/hair friendly ingredients. As they say, why buy when you can DIY?

But It Is More Than Just For Beauty

Pomegranate oil benefits go even more than just for beauty. Aching joints? Sore muscles? Well, thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties of this oil, it can also be used to help relieve the pain of minor discomforts by simply taking a few drops and rubbing it directly onto the affected area. In fact, it can also be used to help soothe sunburn and chaffing as well. It has even been known to help deal with itchiness of rashes and insect bites.



  • BeYouthful Pomegranate oil is free from parabens, fillers, preservatives, additives or fragrances - just 100% pure pomegranate oil. It is presented in an amber glass bottle with dropper style dispenser. The amber coloured glass ensures that the oil will not degrade over time through exposure to sunlight. The dropper style dispenser will ensure you do not waste any of this precious oil. The oil is not tested on animals and is vegetarian friendly.

How To:

You can apply directly onto skin as a moisturizer. Simply take a drop or two on your palm and rub together to heat up. Then pat all over face and neck.

For hair, you can apply on both wet and dry. Again, take a drop or two, rub onto your hands, then run through from root to tip. A drop or two is all you really need. If you use more, your hair could end up looking oily.

For aches and pains, mix it with another carrier oil like argan oil or rosehip oil and you have a soothing massage oil that will nourish the skin and rejuvenate the body.