Handy Tips For Your HAND-y Helpers

Posted by Be Youthful on

With the new normal, or new abnormal as others might say, continuously washing hands or slathering them with sanitizer is common story. However, constantly doing so, although very important to keep the germs away in our battle against COVID, may leave your hands high and dry-- dry, quite literally.


The constant quest to keep clean may very well strip your skin of moisture, leaving you with dry, rough, and flaky hands. But again, it is very important to keep on washing. So, here are a couple handy tips for your handy helpers.


Another great and easy way to keep your hands soft, smooth, and moisturized is by simply massing in a drop or two of your favorite oil. And here, we have quite the variety -- from Argan Oil, BeYouthful's liquid gold, to our all-around Rosehip or Tamanu Seed choices.