Argan Oil For Hair : Top Benefits of Liquid Gold

Posted by Vida Mercado on

Argan oil is called liquid gold for a reason. Each drop contains a good amount of Vitamin E, phenols, which have antioxidant properties, unsaturated fatty acids, which are the good kind of fats packed with anti-inflammatory properties, to a name a of few of its superstar ingredients.

But definitely, one of the great things about Argan oil is that it is not limited to just be used on the skin. In fact, you can use it all over, from the roots of your hair down to your toes (toe nails, to be exact). It is just so versatile. And because it is all natural, you can be sure that it is 100% safe and organic, yet at the same time effective.

So although Argan oil is widely known as being an excellent addition to your skincare routine, which it really is, this time we're going to focus on Argan Oil for hair.



Argan Oil For Hair : Top Benefits of Liquid Gold

1. Hydrates and Softens - Because of its high amount of Vitamin E, Argan not only helps hydrate your strands and scalp, but it also actually locks in the moisture as well. And hydrated hair naturally means that it is also softer and tangle free.


2. Prevents Breakage - Because Argan oil is rich in antioxidant properties, this also helps strengthen your hair and prevent breakage. Whether you realize it or not, your hair actually goes through a lot of stress on a daily basis, and not just from styling tools. Damage can be done from outside elements such as pollution and toxins or even just actually tying your hair too tightly. Aran oil actually helps protect your hair from all of that.


3. Increases Shine - Argan oil for hair instantly increases shine, along with softness and smoothness.


4. Increases Elasticity - Argan oil can improve the elasticity of your hair not just because of its vitamin E and antioxidant content, which both play a huge role in overall hair health, but also because Argan oil is a rich source of essential fatty acids too.


5. Promotes Growth - When you apply Argan oil on your hair, you should also always gently massage it into your scalp as well. This will help stimulate hair growth.



  • Our BeYouthful Argan Oil is 100% Pure and Organic, Cold-Pressed, and is ethically sourced and from Berber Women's Co-operatives In South West Morocco. Very versatile, this oil may be applied all over, on your skin, hair, and nails, to help nourish as well as protect. It is light and easily absorbed, so with regular use, you will get the full benefits of using what has been dubbed as liquid gold without having to deal with any stickiness left behind.