What Is In A Healthy, Well Balanced Anti Aging Diet?

Anti Aging Diet

You have to remember that the fear of getting old isn’t only about looking old but actually feeling old.  Sure, wrinkles are definitely something to worry about, but your physical and mental state are much more important.  As you get older, the possibility of sickness, disease, and ailments get higher, such as osteoporosis or even worse, Alzheimer’s. That is why there is much more to aging than just doing it gracefully- you have to do it the healthy way.  After all, there is absolutely nothing “graceful” about a hunch back, now is there?  You should begin from within with a healthy well balanced anti aging diet.

What You Need On a Daily Basis:

Aside from you daily dose of vitamins and minerals, here are the top three that should be on your list, actually, on your plate.


You can pretty much think of carbs as the fuel for your body.  So it helps give you the energy you need.  But the best kind are the ones that have a low glycemic index and soluble fiber.
  •  Some of the best sources are whole grains such as oats, rice, and, one of the healthiest fruits there is, avocados.


Proteins, one the other hand, are kind of like little medics as they not only build body tissue, but repair the damaged ones as well.  Plus, protein actually helps you keep healthy as it helps fight off disease too.  Plus, in a way it backs up your carbs by producing stamina and energy.
  • The best possible source of protein is from monounsaturated fat that you get from poultry and fish.  Eggs are also an excellent source.
  • But for vegans or those who are on trying out the raw food diet, nuts, legumes, and beans are healthy sources of protein.  One of the best is the super food quinoa. 


You can’t live without it.  Whether is it pure, unadulterated, water, or part of a beverage, like juice or green tea, you need to get up to 8 glasses of it a day (of course, plain water is advisable).  You need to keep hydrated.

What You Need At Least 2-3 Times A Week:

Now, this if you are a rawist or vegetarian, you can STOP RIGHT HERE,  But if you are a meat eater, here are three things that should be part of your diet on a weekly basis:

Deep Sea Coldwater Fish

Not only are they a great source of protein, but omega-3 as well.  Omega 3 is great for your heat- and what is good for your heart is obviously good for every other part of your body.

Free Range Chicken

Free range chicken- this means chicken that is lean and organic, which is supposedly the healthy choice.  This is yet another great source of protein as well as fats, the good kind.

Red Meat

But when it comes to fats, red meat definitely takes the top spot.  But only once or twice a week.  

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