What Is Coenzyme Q10?

Coenzyme Q10, also known as ubiquinone or ubidecarenone, is a naturally occurring compound that is found in every single cell in your body, primarily in the mitochondria. Now, the mitochondria is the part of your cells that produces energy, not just any kind of energy but energy in the form of ATP. What Is Coenzyme Q10

What Is ATP?

ATP, or Adenosine triphosphate, is often called the "molecular unit of currency" of intracellular energy transfer. This means that ATP transports chemical energy within your cells for metabolism and aside from that, it is one of the end products of photophosphorylation, cellular respiration, and fermentation. ATP is also used by enzymes as well as other structural proteins in numerous cellular processes. So basically, ATP is actually a source of energy for your body. To be even more specific, it is the main source of energy for all the processes and “activities”, if you will, that your cells have to undergo and perform. Therefore, it is only natural that the organs that use the most energy, like your heart, kidneys, and liver, are the ones that have the highest levels of Coenzyme Q10. See the connection there?

Back to CoQ10:

Kind of like a vitamin, your cells use CoQ10 to produce the energy needed to promote cell growth as well as maintenance, coenzymes help in digestion and other body process, not mention that it also helps protect your skeletal and heart muscles in particular, but your whole body in general from harmful molecules and free radicals as it also doubles as a great antioxidant too.

To Sum Up…

Coenzyme Q10’s primary role is to the help the mitochondria, which you can think of as the power plant of your cells, produce ATP, which is pretty much the main source of energy so that you can do basically everything that your body wants and needs to do, from the foods that we take in. Speaking of foods, the ones that have the highest amount of CoQ10 naturally present in them are:
  • Organ meats, such as liver and heart
  • Beef
  • Sardines
  • Mackerel
  • Soy Oil
  • Peanuts
But if you really want to make sure you get enough, the easiest way is to take CoQ10 Supplements.

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