VIDEO: The Beauty Uses Of Argan Oil For Lips

Argan oil is amazing. Not only does the pure organic kind have healing properties, but beauty benefits as well. In this video, we are going to look at the different beauty uses that Argan Oil has for your lips. So, pucker up butter cup, and check out these smackingly simply yet effective tricks of the Argan Oil trade. Again, when it comes to lip care, here are the top three things you can use Argan Oil for: 1. Make a lip exfoliator. Remember, your lips need to be deep cleaned too if you wanna bring out the softest, smoothest, most kissable ones possible. Because it's skin just the same, it needs to be exfoliated at least once a week. Argan Oil, sugar, and vanilla make the perfect scrub. 2.Use it to remove lipstick effortlessly. No stains left! 3.And finally, using Argan oil on it's own is a great way to heal those chapped lips. Heck, even if your lips aren't cracked or dry, dabbing on a drop or two will keep them nice and moisturized, kinda like a great gloss complete with the shine. Plus, prevention is always better than cure! So, you know why Argan oil is good for you, you know how to use it, but where do you actually get it? You can always head on to your local department store and check out if they have any on their shelves or you could even order online.

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