Top Eight Foods To Help You Beat Bloating

top eight foods to beat bloating Holidays leave you feeling a little (or even a lot) heavier than before? Well, it’s normal to pack on a few extra pounds during the holiday season. After all, who can resist those delicious Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year feasts? But all that eating can definitely take it’s toll. Throw in a couple days of vacay, just relaxing on the couch and you’re sure to add some unwanted inches on your waist. The good news, this is one case of fighting fire with fire, so to speak. There are actually foods you can eat to help you beat bloating. So go ahead and check out the top eight on the list. next page peanut butter to help beat bloating

1. Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is packed with niacin, which is essential to a vigorous digestive system. Great to help detox and de-bloat.  Perfect to satisfy your sweet tooth, but just be sure to take peanut butter in moderation. You can try having two tablespoons a day, pair it with celery for a super healthy snack or, if you must have bread, to really reduce bloating, do choose wheat free. Also, look for the all natural sugar free kind of peanut butter, of course, for best results. next page asparagus to help relieve bloating

2. Asparagus

Asparagus is great. Not only does this green veggie help you de-bloat, and like all natural peanut butter, it also helps your detox, but asparagus is super healthy, too as it supplies your body with tons of nutrients and fiber. Not a fan? You can opt for cucumber or watercress instead. These are actually known as diuretic greens. Diuretics actually help release retained water that also cause unwanted bloating by making you pee a whole lot. next page   grapes to help debloat

3. Grapes

Can’t seem to satisfy your sweet tooth? Well, a healthy alternative to sugar and other sodium rich foods would be for you to snack on grapes instead. This, however, is more of a “prevention is better than cure” kind of case. By choosing grapes as your go to snack, you actually beat bloating before it even happens. Aside from all the health benefits that these tiny fruits have to offer, grapes will also help keep your tummy nice and flat, when eaten in moderation, of course. next page avocado for digestion

4. Avocado

One of the healthiest of all, Avocado is one super food that can help you beat bloating, too. First up, it is full of potassium, which helps you eliminated retained water (which, again, is responsible for bloating) Plus, avocados also contain lipase, a digestive enzyme that actually helps break down fat and eliminate food from your digestive tract. next page   pineapple

5. Pineapple

Similar to avocados, pineapples also contain a digestive enzyme that helps beat bloating and aids digestion. This enzyme is called bromelain. Bromelain actually helps break down proteins in the stomach, hence the de-bloating effect. next page yogurt to beat bloating

6. Yogurt

Yogurt has probiotics that actually aid your gastrointestinal system digest and absorb food properly. Eating yogurt on a daily basis has actually been proven to ease and reduce bloating by up to 78%. When picking some out at the grocery, just be sure to scan the label for “contains live and active cultures”. next page fennel seeds for digestion

7. Fennel Seeds

Compounds found in fennel seeds can help relax the muscles that are found in your digestive tract and help allow trapped gas to pass. This kind of relief will definitely help you beat bloating and make you feel a hundred times better. Don’t know what to do with this stuff? Well, you could make some fennel tea or the easier way would be for you to just simply sprinkle some right on top of your favorite dish. next page peppermint tea to detox and de-bloat

8. Peppermint Tea

Herbal teas in general can definitely do the trick, but peppermint tea has that extra kick because it contains menthol. Menthol has been known to soothe the digestive tract, relieve an upset stomach, and pretty much beat bloating.

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