The Wonders Of Witch Hazel For The Skin

Witch Hazel For The SkinAh, Witch Hazel. Ever heard of it? Spotted Alder? Winterbloom? Well, however you may call it, this little flowering shrub might be one of nature’s best kept secrets, especially when it comes to skin care. So go ahead and have a look at some of the wonders of witch hazel.

So Long Spots! Bye Bye Blemishes

That’s right, witch hazel has been known to actually reduce the inflammation of a pimple. Some people even swear that daily use can help with acne. All you really have to do is dab a bit on a cotton ball then gently apply on the problem areas. There is also this thing called a Witch Stick too that is pretty awesome and so much more convenient.

POOF! To Puffy Eyes... And Smaller Bags Too

Red puffy eyes are a given after a having long crying session or pulling an all nighter. Witch hazel, as it is know for shrinking blood vessels and tightening up skin, can help reduce the puffiness and even those dark eye bags too. So you take a small face towel, soak it in with hazel, wring it out so that the whole thing is just damp and not exactly dripping, then simply place over your eyes. Let it sit for a good 15-10 minutes or so. This is the perfect time to catch up on some zs too.

Even On Varicose Veins

Believe it or not, but soaking a thin cloth in witch hazel then placing it over your varicose veins letting it sit for a good 15-20 minutes can be a big help. Sure, it won’t make them totally disappear, but if done religiously everyday, it will totally help reduce their appearance.

Witch hazelIt’s just SUPER For Your SKIN

Witch hazel really does wonders for your skin, even without any major problems to address. It’s an amazing cleanser. It does a really good job of getting rid of dirt and grime after a long day BUT unlike a lot of astringents on the market, it won’t dry up your skin. Witch hazel actually moisturizes it too. It tightens your skin and pores, which means that it helps with wrinkles, whether prevention or action against them, plus it leaves you with a nice glow. But the benefits of witch hazel doesn’t stop there. Here are a couple more that you should know about:
  • Witch hazel can stop an itch.

  • Heal bruises faster.

  • Soothe and reduce hemorrhoids.

  • Cleanse a wound.

  • Relieve diaper rash (good to know for you mommies out there)

Don’t have witch hazel in your back yard? Who does?! Not a problem. You can get witch hazel water in practically any drugstore for about five bucks a bottle.

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