Tasty Anti Aging Juice Recipes With Vitamin C

Anti Aging Juice Recipes With Vitamin C

If you find it a chore munching through vegetables and fruits, then creating your own juices may be the way forward. They are quick to prepare and quick to consume too. Get into the habit of drink one in the morning and you're set up for the rest of the day. Getting your daily intake of these foods is good for your long term health and can help slow down the aging process. This is especially true of drinks that contain vitamin C.

Vitamin C and Skin Care

Vitamin C is one of the most common vitamins being used in products for skin care. You can find many skin products with Vitamin C in the market that promise rejuvenation of the skin, removal of wrinkles, and many more. However, do these products work and are the claims true? Scientifically, Vitamin C really can do all those things. The question is, is it going to work once added to beauty products? Studies revealed that it can help slow down the aging of skin and taking it in higher doses is effective in postmenopausal women.

Vitamin C in Juices

People who want to reverse the aging effects can always make juices out of fruits that contain high doses of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is important in the production of collagen, a major protein needed by the skin. The production of collagen is possible if the vitamin is topically added onto the skin and when it is taken internally. You can expect the reduction of wrinkles and the improvement of the skin texture as benefits with use and ingestion of Vitamin C since it is an antioxidant that fights free radicals.

Fruits Containing Vitamin C

Guava- One and a half cup of this fruit contains 188mg of Vitamin C and 56 calories. Red Sweet Pepper- A red sweet pepper offers the same amount of Vitamin C as any citrus fruit. One and a half cup of this can provide a person 142 mg of Vitamin C. This is better juiced rather than cooked because the concentration of the vitamin decreases. Kiwi- Kiwi is not as much loved as oranges and lemons are, but it also gives enough amount of Vitamin C. A slice of kiwi has 70 mg of Vitamin C and 46 calories. Orange- Oranges are one of the best fruits to use in DIY anti aging juice recipes with Vitamin C. Besides the fact that they are delicious and refreshing, a medium-sized orange has 70mg of the vitamin and 62 calories. In liquid form, 3/4 cups of orange juice contains about 61-93 mg of Vitamin C and 79-84 calories. Grapefruit- Grapefruit like green sweet peppers can also provide 50-70 mg of Vitamin C and 71-86 calories per ¾ cup.
There are plenty of other foods that contain this important vitamin, many of which are listed on our site. You can check out our all time favorite recipe or even learn how to create your own green smoothies. But you don't necessarily have to follow our recipes ! The fun of juicing is that you can make up your own recipes. You are only limited by the taste of the drink. Give it to your friends and family and have a taste test. You'll soon get a list of your own favorite drink that are not only delicious but really good for you.  

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