Stop Thinking Old - You Are What You Think, Really...

[caption id="attachment_3226" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]You are as old, or as young, as you think you are... Stop Thinking Old You are as old, or as young, as you think you are...[/caption] Have you noticed in the (tabloid) papers and magazines how whenever a person is mentioned, their age in brackets is often placed directly after. It seems that they are obsessed with someones age and by implication so are their readers. I'm not immune to this “bad habit”. I've often looked at the age in brackets and sort of compared them to me or to people I know of that age bracket. Seems like society is obsessed by judging and comparing someone in age terms but this is ultimately a bad habit that could shorten your life.

You are as old as your thoughts...that might be a bit cliched but it seems to be true.

Society conditions us to think in terms of what is appropriate for our age but in most cases society is behind the times. By it's very nature, it is conservative because it tries to preserve the status quo. If you are old or getting older, it wants you to think like that. Avoid it at all costs.

And don't, whatever you do, age yourself.

Don't say things like “I'm too old for that” or “We used to do it this way when I was young”. When you think like that, you will start to act like that. You may start to be less active, mentally and physically. This will atrophy your mental and physical muscles. You may think new trends are only for young people or things were done better in your day and age. Maybe they were ! But you need to stay open minded and engage in the here and now.
Here are a few examples of people not living by the conventions and setting their own standards : The Rolling Stones embarked on a world tour this year. You know, those pensioner dudes, Mick Jagger (70) (and before you say anything, it's supposed to be ironic), Keith Richards (near enough 70), Charlie Watts (72), and young whipper snapper Ronnie Woods (66).
  Other stories I read recently were a lady who went sky diving to celebrate her 100th birthday. Another story was of a couple who were getting married in their 80's. And another of a man who just completed an arts degree at 73 years of age. All these things might be considered for young people or certainly not for people of this “age” but these people defy the conventions and think young. You should try to do the same and stop yourself when you are thinking “old”. And even if you don't fancy bungee jumping out of a helicopter, do things that challenge you, mentally and physically. Learn something new that you may have had your mind set on. Experience something new – travel to an exotic location. Try not to live by societies conventions and you may live'll certainly be more enjoyable !

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