Sports Mama Shows How To Get Close, Get In Shape, And Get The Chores Done

sports mama Gym membership? Nah. Expensive work out equipment? No need! Bond and be fit, get close and get in shape while keeping house, too. Whoever said that they just don't have enough time to squeeze in a work out could learn a couple of things from this amazing Polish mother and fitness fanatic, Sports Mama. sports mama   Check out her daily grind. She has found a way to incorporate exercise into her day to day activities- doing chores and taking care of her little bundle of joy.  Heck, see how even dad gets in on the action and joins the fitness fun! Getting in shape never looked this much fun, hard, but fun. Heck, neither has ironing clothes, picking up toys, or even mopping the floor.  And it actually works. Hows that for two/three birds with one stone? Chores? Check. Baby? Check? Body? Check. The proof is in the pudding, both mom and dad are rocking really great bods. Good job, guys. Even the little one obviously agrees.

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