Smooth Skin Snacks: Healthy Snack Ideas To Whittle Your Waist And Keep The Wrinkles Away

Your diet can either make or break your youthful glow. Studies have actually shown that eating light snacks in between meals instead of going overboard on breakfast, lunch, and dinner will not only whittle your waist, but also keep the wrinkles at bay. So ditch that bag of chips (unless they are kale) and check out these healthy snack ideas, the top 5 smooth skin snacks that you should be munching on.


[caption id="attachment_1290" align="alignleft" width="240"]healthy snack ideas - Smooth Skin Snacks The protein in egg whites has the power to produce collagen![/caption] Low in calories, high in protein, and very nutritious. Hard boiled eggs are a great snack, not only because they are super easy to prepare.  You get a good dose of Vitamin A, which is good for your skin growth, and Vitamin E, which is good for your skin in general by preventing oxidation. But the egg whites hold the key- protein. Protein has been proven to help collagen growth leaving you with supple, sag free skin.
  • TIP: Skip on the salt, even if it adds flavor, it also adds inches to your waistline.


[caption id="attachment_1292" align="alignright" width="240"]Smooth Skin Snacks - healthy snack ideas When it comes to nutrition, WALNUTS take the top spot.[/caption] Nuts are the best.  Think antioxidants, think Vitamin E, think Omega-3, all of which keep the fine lines away.  From walnuts to almonds, pistachios to hazelnuts, go ahead and grab a handful. But much more than just keeping your skin smooth, nuts have been proven to ward off  several diseases too, like diabetes and even cancer.
  • Click here to learn more about the nutritional and healthy benefits of nuts.


Eating berries is probably one of the best natural ways to get your antioxidant fix. And as you know, rule of thumb, antioxidants = anti aging.  You see, they fight off those nasty free radicals that can do some serious aging damage.  Blueberries and strawberries alike have been known to soften the skin while toning it at the same time.
  • TIP: Give you breakfast a healthy boost by throwing in a handful of berries in your morning bowl of cereal.


[caption id="attachment_1289" align="alignleft" width="240"]healthy snack ideas "an avocado a day keeps the age away."[/caption] Forget the apples, an avocado a day certainly keeps the age away. Although it may not be as popular as the shiny red fruit, avocados are way healthier.  Aside from being an excellent source of glutathione, yet another amazing antioxidant, avocados are also jam packed with L-cysteine, which protects your body from the harmful effects of pollution, smoke, radiation, alcohol, and other environmental toxins. Plus, it even gives your immune system a good boost.
  • Tip: A healthy snack idea would be for you to slice it up, put it in a bowl, and add some condensed milk.


Yes, it’s true, this sweet treat is actually good for you- IF TAKEN IN MODERATION.  Thanks to the flavanoids that act as antioxidants, eating just a little a day will definitely help keep the free radicals at bay. Even more good news, dark chocolate can also lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure too.
  • When it comes to chocolate, the darker, the better.

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