Rose Byrne’s Beauty Basics

Rose Byrne’s Beauty Basics Rose Byrne is definitely one true blue beauty, both on screen and off. So how does this doe eyed darling from down under do it? Well, this “Sheila” is about to share her secrets on skin care and a bit more.

Rose Byrne’s Skincare Routine

Believe it or not, but Byrne’s like to keep her skin care super simple, simply because it is super sensitive.

“I’ve got very sensitive skin so I have to keep it really, really simple. Rose hip oil is a really great soothing product for me, since I get rosacea. I’m using mostly that and Dermalogica stuff ‘cause that’s quite gentle and calming. I can never go too potent, my skin just flairs up quite badly, so for me, the simpler the better. And then staying out of the sun and wearing a hat is a huge thing. I think coming from Australia, we’re taught to do that but I try to abide by that a lot. I definitely have to work at my skin.”

Okay, so sunscreen isn’t really anything new. It’s great that Ms. Byrne practices protection, as should you, but rose hip oil, on the other hand, is definitely something to look at.

Reasons For Rose Hip

Beauty in a bottle, here are some specific skin benefits that you can get from using rose hip oil, be it in it’s pure form or from products that contain this good stuff.
  • skin benefits of rose hip oilLighten scars
  • Lighten freckles
  • Lighten dark circles
  • Reduce wrinkles
  • Rehydrate skin
  • Repair damaged skin cells
  • Lessen breakouts
  • Lessen oil
  • Soothes burns

How To Use Rose Hip Oil On Skin

Whether you want to use it on your face or all over your body, the same rule applies: Always start with clean skin. So it is actually ideal to slather some on right after you shower or wash you face. Simply put a few drops (when dealing with the pure form) on your fingers and rub on in circular motions for your face, but when dealing with your legs or arms or what not, first rub some rosehip in your palms then spread on.

Rose Byrne’s Beauty BasicsBack To Byrne

On Makeup And Beauty…

"The first person I remember thinking was beautiful was my mom. She never really wore much makeup, some Clinique powder and a bit of red lipstick. That concept of being natural has stuck with me and my sisters."

"I always wear a little bit of cover-up or base to even out my skin tone. That’s my main thing- I’m always just a little red, so that and sunscreen obviously. I just keep it simple ‘cause I have to wear so much makeup at work, but on my days off it’s very simple- just a bit of base and some lip stain ‘cause my lips are quite pale."

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