Rene Ruso At 62, Still Sexy, Still Young

rene ruso Rene Ruse at 62 obviously knows a couple of things about keeping fit and in shape, not to mention that she still keeps on acting as well. Her most recent role was in the 2015 comedy alongside other silver screen greats, Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro, The Intern. Well, it’s pretty easy to see that Rene Ruso is still sexy and doesn’t look anywhere near her age. So, how does Rene Ruso combat the signs of aging? Learn more about her secrets below.

Rene Ruso on Keeping Fit:

“I work out every day, but not like a maniac. Just 20 minutes on that damn bike, do some light weights, and that's it and I've gotta move on.”

They’ve said that fitness is a lifestyle, and not a temporary goal. It is something that you have to make a habit. And obviously, the proof is in the pudding. Even to this day, Rene still likes to sweat it out, even just for 20 minutes on a daily basis. But aside from exercise, there are a couple other healthy habits that she has picked up along the way that are a big help as well.

“Smoking is not a good thing, and neither is drinking too much.”

rene ruso

Rene Ruso on Looking Young:

But speaking of help, she isn’t ashamed to say that when it comes to her skin, she has indeed sought out a little something to help giver her that youthful glow.

'They have amazing lasers to keep your skin nice, so I do laser treatments, which I love, and then it's like, don't mess with yourself too much, you know?”

If you haven't seen The Intern just yet, take a look at this short clip and see just what we mean about Rene Ruso still sexy,  still young at 62.

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