Readers Question : Is A Collagen Mask Good For Your Skin ?

Is A Collagen Mask Good For Your SkinCollagen masks have been out for a while now which might suggest that they work. I always tend to look at Amazon for confirmation of this whenever I am considering getting a product (or even reviewing it). Amazon is the biggest marketplace in the world (it seems) and they have feedback on how a product has performed over the time it has been offered on the site. So it's a good way to do your due diligence, be it a relatively inexpensive product like a collagen face mask or something more expensive. In the end, you want to know if something works no matter what price you pay for it, especially if you are putting it on your face. So this made me wonder if a collagen mask does actually work. What it does to the skin ? What the manufacturers claim it does ?

What's A Collagen Mask ?

Well, it's a mask shaped cloth that is soaked in a mix of products, one of which is a form of collagen. The collagen seems to be either marine or plant collagen. Various others products are added to the mix including vitamin C and E, aloe, honey, milk, hyaluronic acid and other bits and pieces (fragrances and so on). You place the mask on your face and let the moisture soak into your skin. This can take anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes. People that have used such masks say that their skin feels much better afterwards. Mainly it feels softer. Other people say their skin feels tighter at first. In general, the mask seems to moisturize the skin which is no bad thing. So it works then ? Well, I'm not so sure. Dermatologists claim that collagen applied topically is of little use to the skin. First of all, it may not be in a form that can be used by the human body and secondly, it can't be absorbed into the deeper, dermis layer of skin, where collagen is located and produced. If you were to eat marine and plant collagen and it was absorbed into the bloodstream that may be a different story. So if anything, the collagen applied topically may have a temporary effect of tightening the skin but as soon and you wash or cleanse your face, the collagen will be removed. The moisturizing effects caused by the mask could be down to the other substances, like hyaluronic acid and the vitamins...Aloe too. Collagen on the surface of the skin may also prevent water loss but again, only for as long as it remains on the skin. So in my opinion a collagen face mask is a good facial treatment which will benefit your skin. However the collagen in the mask won't be responsible for increasing your natural collagen as it can't be absorbed into the body to either be used alongside your real collagen or promote new collagen development. For me, the name makes it sound better than it really is.

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