Olivia Munn’s Workout Routine To Rock That Psylocke Costume

Olivia Munn, who you probably know from the TV series The Newsroom as well as numerous movies such as Magic Mike, Iron Man 2, and Mortdecai will also be starring in some pretty big titles this 2016. There is her role in the sequel to Zoolander and she plays fan favorite Psylocke in the highly anticipated X-Men: Apocalypse. But preparing for her role as Psylocke took much more than just memorizing lines. She had to work hard, work out hard that is, to really rock her skin tight Psylocke costume. [caption id="attachment_5912" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Image taken from geeknation.com Image taken from geeknation.com[/caption] Olivia Munn, to get ready, has had numerous training sessions, which obviously double as an extreme workout. Not only were these perfect to make all her fight scenes believable, but they were just what she needed to keep fit and squeeze into her super tight, and super sexy Psylocke costume. Check out the videos below. However, even when her training sessions ended, Olivia still kept at it, apparently even sky high. This 35 year old actress  has taken working out to a new level, even 25,000 feet off  land, as she even posted on her very own Instagram account how she likes to squeeze in some exercise on her private plane with her close friend and personal trainer, Brittany Farar. olivia munn   And she posts on her instagram a health post workout snack- nothing like veggies and fruits.   psylocke  

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