Nicole Kidman’s Cranberry Hair Care

Nicole Kidman rinses her hair with cranberry juiceBorn in 1967, although this Australian gem is already in her mid 40’s, Nicole Kidman doesn’t look a day over thirty. Heck, she could even pass off as a twenty something year old if she really wanted to.  Of course, taking care of her porcelain skin is definitely at the very top of her list, especially after her leg’s skin cancer scare.

"It is the worst thing in terms of aging, so I wear a lot of sunscreen, and I never go in the sun..."

But aside from that, she always makes sure that her ruby crowning glory is as shiny and well polished as can be. Wanna know Kidman’s secret for her gorgeous strands? If your thinking of lavish parlor trips here and expensive hair products there, think again. Think again and smile. This is one beauty secret that even you can afford.

"If you've got red hair, try washing it in cranberry juice and if you're blonde, a champagne rinse can work wonders."

Nicole Kidman Hair Care SecretsThe Juice On the Juice

Cranberry juice is great for red heads who want to give their tired old tresses and natural shiny boost. You see, cranberry juice is actually very acidic, and I mean that in a very good way because that is the key on keeping your hair cuticles sealed and closed hence locking in a healthy shine. Plus, it is believed to make your strands stronger and softer at the same time. Plus, if you let cranberry juice sit on your hair for about 5-10 minutes, it will actually leave you with a temporary tint that will make your hair much more vibrant. This, of course, is no alternative to dye or henna.

What To Do:

Basically, you want to use cranberry juice as your final rinse in the shower. So you still go ahead and shampoo and condition like you normally do, but don’t stop there.  After that, grab a cup of cranberry juice and pour it on your locks. Massage in and let it sit for about 5-10 minutes then rinse off, preferably with cold water. But if you can’t take the cold tickle, lukewarm will do just fine.
More than just a rinse, cranberry juice is actually one of Nicole Kidman’s favorite drinks too which is great because it is super healthy. Some of the benefits of cranberry juice are it prevents UTI, yeast infection, and even stops kidney stones from forming too. Studies have shown that it deters cancer. Plus, it even keeps the dental plaque away! And, as you know, nothing makes you look younger than a big bright smile.

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