Morena Baccarin’s Top Product Pick (Plus Her Favorite Fitness Routine) Revealed

morena baccarin Brazilian-American beauty, Morena Baccarin, already has quite a long list of TV shows/series under her belt. You probably remember Homeland, but then again, there is also V, The Flash, and Gotham to name a couple more. Staying close to the whole super hero theme, (however, she did guest on How I Met Your Mother, too), Morena Baccarin, right alongside Ryan Reynolds, stars in the big screen film adaptation of the Marvel comic, Deadpool. deadpool copycat morena   After seeing her play the role of Vanessa Carlyse, aka, Copycat there are a couple of things I’m sure other women would like to follow suit on- like how she gets that gorgeous glow. And as a bonus, she even revealed her fitness regime.

Morena Baccarin’s Top Product Pick:

"The Solution moisturizer by Envision Beauty. It’s a toner, moisturizer, and eye cream all in one so it makes for light packing. I also can’t live without a great cozy scarf."

the solution

It's true, remember that dry skin is a sin and is the root of all wrinkles, as we like to say. But if you can't get this three in one product yourself, just be sure to cleanse and moisturize with your own faves. And, as Morena is already 36, if you've already hit the big 3-0 too, make sure that you add an eye cream to your routine as well.

How Morena Baccarin Keeps In Shape:

"If there is a pool big enough for lap swimming, I will do that. But usually the most exercise I get is from walking and lifting a glass of wine to my nose and mouth."

If you haven't seen the Deadpool just yet, check out the trailer below:

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