Knowing The Skin You’re In

skin care as you ageIt’s great to know that you’ve decided to hop on the anti aging bandwagon and take better care of your skin, but before you start dabbing all sorts of products on, it is a pretty good idea to know exactly what you’re dealing with, to know the skin you’re in. So give you a better idea of what products you will be needing in the quest to look "forever young", we have broken down the different skin concerns that you have to or will have to face as the years go by.

In Your 20s

So, you are past those awkward teen years of breakouts and blemishes (hopefully without any signs of them left) and your skin is at a pretty stable stage. At this point in your life, your skin reflects just how young you really are. This means that you will generally have smooth contours, full cheeks, and that gorgeous radiant glow. As the years pile on, in your mid and late 20s, fine lines will start to make their appearance- nothing permanent though, kind of like a teaser of sorts. They will only show up when you move certain muscles in your face then perform a disappearing act once you relax. This is because your skin cells still turnover in about 14-25 days, your skin is still naturally hydrated, it’s pH is still 4.5 (which is a really good thing), and you still don’t have any sun damage (nothing serious at least).  So your epidermis is still pretty plump and will still spring right back. However, the production of collagen will eventually slow down taking a blow to your elastin, which is pretty much responsible for returning your skin to its original place. Your 20s are still relatively care free. But do remember that prevention is better than cure, so there is still some anti aging action that needs to take place. You won’t need to bring out the big guns just yet.

In Your 30s

Once you hit the big 3-0, you will start to see bigger changes in your skin. That basically means that you will have to go take bigger steps to taking care of it. What used to take only 14-28 days to turn over new cells will now take around a whole month. The bright glow you had will not be as bright anymore. Yes, your skin will look a tad bit duller. It won’t be as supple as it was before either and it might take a while to bounce back every time you smile. Unfortunately, this is when fine lines really begin to show. You might come across a couple of broken capillaries, which, by the way, are really small blood vessels (in fact, they are the smallest ones) and you pores will get bigger as well. This is also the time when gravity will start to take its toll- your cheeks won’t be as full to say the least. There is a possibility that cellulite will begin to form too around the thighs and legs all because your blood circulation will slow down and your hormones will change.

In Your 40s

Now, your cellular turnover will go from 30 days to 40- much slower than it used to take. Lymphatic drainage will be slower. This is actually how your body gets rid of those unwanted toxins. Sebum production is slower. This means that your skin is more sensitive to pollution and other harmful factors. And even the bounce back rate  is slower too. Unfortunately, the only thing that gets faster at this age is the appearance of wrinkles. You will also see bigger effects of gravity as your skin may begin to sag. Not to mention the increase in fat deposits too, aka, cellulite. It may sound bad, but it doesn’t have to be as long as you have the right anti aging skin care.

In Your 50s And Up

Once you reach 50 and up, your cellular turnover is at its slowest taking anywhere from 45-50 days. This is also the time when your skin gets to be really dry and really sensitive. There will be a huge drop in estrogen, which is not good news at all. This is when serious signs of aging start to show. But that only means that all the more you should take your anti aging skin care seriously too. You will probably come across bigger pores, thinner skin, and deeper wrinkles (no matter how relaxed your face is). You will especially notice this around the eyes because this is the time when your elasticity does not merely slow down but it actually starts to break down. It is at this point when gravity is definitely not your friend. You may begin to lose tone and muscle too. Not to mention the possibility of age spots and spider veins.

Now That You Know…

Now that you understand the changes in your skin as you get older, it is time that you do something about it. Obviously, the earlier you begin your anti aging skin care, the better. But do know that it is never too late to start.                          

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