Know Your Face, Know Your Wrinkles – What Are Nasolabial Folds, Oral Commisures And Accordion Lines ?

In this know your face post, I thought I'd cover a few wrinkles that crop up on the same area of the face ...wrinkle buddies, if you like, that hang out together on your face or at least may do one day unless you do something about them. This article will explain what they are, some ways to prevent or delay their appearance and finally some ways to remove them.

What Are Nasolabial Folds ?

What Are Nasolabial Folds Nasolabial folds are also known as smile lines as they appear when a person smiles. They are the lines that start on each side of the face between the nose and run down to the lips. They differentiate between the mouth and the cheekbones. When we are young they only appear when we smile and they can actually highlight your cheekbones and make the face look good. A smiling face is so much more appealing than one that is frowning or grumpy. When we stop smiling the folds disappear. However as we get older and the skin loses it's elastin skin cells, the fold may get deeper set and be a permanent fixture on the face. This is when people don't really like laughter lines and will do anything to get rid of them (including not smiling ?) Even so, many people still think that they give the face a bit of character and look good. I think they can look good on middle aged men's faces for instance. The thing about these lines is there is not much you can do about them. They are just a consequence of having lived and laughed through life. Sure you can do things, like eat a diet that encourages the elastin and collagen skin cells to regenerate or be replenished but ultimately you'll have to get used to them. Or will you ? There are cosmetic procedures that can reduce the sign of nasolabial lines. They range in complexity and risk for the individual undergoing the procedure. The least risky option is to apply a topical cream to the location of the wrinkles. This is relatively cheap (compared to the others options), simple and non invasive. These creams are generically known as retinoids. They are a derivative of Vitamin E and can help to remove dead skin. This can give the appearance that the lines are less prominent. The other option is to go with an injectable. A substance is injected around the area of the lines.  These substances are a mix of hyaluronic acid which plumps up the skin and collagen stimulators that encourage the collagen skin cells to regenerate. There are all sorts of dermal fillers on the market that have differing results  so it is best to consult a cosmetic doctor about what best suits your needs and price range. The final option is to have a face lift or a surgical procedure to remove the lines. This could be a simple case of pulling the sagging skin on your face back so that the lines are reduced or, if the lines are really deep, removing the lined skin from the face. Again, if you are exploring this solution, you really need to see a surgeon who can advise you on the best option for you. Along with being the most invasive option, this is also the most expensive but it is liable to bring the best and longest lasting results.

Oral Commisures – Why The Sad Face ?

accordian lines and oral Oral commisures is actually the name of the region on your face rather than the wrinkles themselves. In fact, oral commisures don't get wrinkles as such but is a sagging of the skin around the corners of the mouth. This gives your mouth a down turned look that could give the appearance that you are sad or unhappy. Obviously this is not a good look. In most cases, this comes about as a consequence of age but also use. If you have ever caught yourself with a hang dog expression and your jaw clenched, you are allowing the oral commisures to sag. Over time this can become more set and the sagging is permanent. Treating this sagging look involves injecting a filler and even botox is some cases around the affect area.

Striking Accordion Lines

There are some pretty creative names for all these lines on our faces, what with marionette lines, bunny lines, crows feet and finally, accordion lines. Accordion lines are the lines next to the nasolabial lines. They are the fine lines that creep up the sides of the face towards the cheekbones. My guess is that the are called accordion lines because they squeeze together and become more prominent when you smile, much like the bellows of a squeeze box accordion. Don't quote me on that as it's just a guess. Again, like most of the facial wrinkles, these lines occur as a consequence of repeated and long term muscle movements. This is allied with the lose of collagen and fat cells in these parts of the face that make the lines more apparent. Preventing the lines, much like Nasolabial lines involves eating a diet that gives your skin the best chance to stay healthy. Plus, reducing sun and smoking damage to the skin can help. If the lines appear on your face and they are a real issue to you, the best fast solution is dermal fillers.

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