Know Your Face, Know Your Wrinkles - Have You Heard Of Bunny Lines ?

Bunny lines are the wrinkles that occur on either side of the nose just below the eyes. I imagine they are called bunny lines because they make your nose look like it is wiggling or twitching like a rabbit does from time to time. You might also call it the Samantha look out of the Bewitched TV series. The bit where she casts a spell and wiggles her nose as she is doing it.

What are Bunny Lines

I'll be honest and say I had never heard of these wrinkles before. The claim is that they appear on the face of people that have had botox before and are kind of like a tell tale sign for  “celebrity wrinkle spotters”. I'm not sure if this is the case or not but here's a bit more on them.

What Causes Bunny Lines ?

The muscle that causes bunny lines is called the Nasalis. This muscle folds over the middle to top part of the nose bone (nasal dorsum). When people wrinkle or wiggle their nose, this muscle may cause the wrinkles to occur. Like most things, when we are young, this is probably something that people say makes you look cute or a cute feature but with age these wrinkles may not be so desirable both to the individual and onlookers. It is also thought to be a tell tale sign that someone has had botox on other parts of the face because the muscles in those parts of the face cannot move when a smile or some other facial expression is made. Consequently, the tension and movement caused by the expression translates to muscles that haven't been “botoxed”, in some cases the Nasalis. This causes them to wrinkle, hence the look.

What Can Be Done About Bunny Lines ?

Well, considering the previous paragraph, the current treatment is to inject botox into the areas where the bunny lines appear. This plumps up the skin around the area where the muscle is located and also makes the muscle less responsive to facial movements. Whether this is something you want or need is up to the individual. Personally I think they look fine and are only really apparent when you smile and then go away.

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