Kelly Brook's Body And Beauty Tips 'unmasked'

Kelly Brook's Body And Beauty Secrets Wanna know the secrets behind Kelly Brook’s beauty? Of course you do! Well, this British bombshell unmasks some of her top tricks, from keeping that killer bod to her super soft skin and more. So read on to find out how this English model/ actress/ TV presenter who at 34 looks years younger than she actually is.

Kelly Brook On Her Bod:

“I can't bear the fact that girls these days think you have to be thin to be beautiful and successful. I'm not thin. I don't starve myself.”

Stick thin is definitely not in for this voluptuous vixen, and that doesn’t make her any less sexy- if anything, the curves just accentuate how hot (and real!) she really is. But aside from just not starving herself as she says or following any of those fad diets, when it comes to her body, there is another big no-no.

“I don't look at my face and body and think I need surgery or a boob job or a bum lift. It makes me very angry when women in the public eye talk about what work they've had done, because it makes other women feel devalued."

So surgery is obviously off the list. So how does Kelly Brook keep in tip top shape?

“My regime is: walk everywhere, have regular steam room sessions to get rid of toxins and find a good water. And plenty of sex - it's a great cardio workout!”

Kelly Brook on Beauty:

“I think confidence is important. One of my idols, actress Sophia Loren, once said, ‘Nothing is more beautiful than the belief that you are.’ I try to remember that.”

As I said earlier, stick thin may not be in, but super soft skin definitely is. So when it comes to taking good care of hers, in her own words, here is what Kelly brook has to say:

“I don’t like very tanned skin. I think pale skin is so classic and beautiful, so I try to avoid the sun, and always use a sun cream. I’ve also had a few self tan disasters, so I tend to steer clear.”

Aside from sunscreen, which is probably your skin’s best friend because it protects you from those nasty UV rays which lead to free radicals which then can lead to some serious damage- anything from aging skin to the big skin “C”, cancer, her second skincare secret to unmask is… Kelly Brook's Skin Care Secret! Kelly captioned the snap of herself: “Morning Drive to Work #ShuUemura #Hydrate #GoodLook.” Like we always say, dry skin is a sin and the root of all wrinkles. This Shu Uemura mask that Kelly Brook is sporting is said to ‘instantly moisturise and soothe dehydrated skin’. Great, right? But at 50 pounds a pop, not so great.

Kelly Brook on Aging:

"I’m happy to age. I’ve never been tempted by cosmetic surgery. I like to look natural and don’t do Botox or use hair extensions. I am how my parents made me, and I’m grateful for that."

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