Kate Hudson: Her CHILLING Beauty Confession And A Whole Lot More

Kate Hudson Beauty SecretsThere is no denying that acting and good looks run in the family. After all, Kate Hudson did have an excellent role model, Goldie Hawn, to look up to and to get tons of great beauty tips from. But despite all of Goldie’s amazing advice (we’ll get to that later), of course, Kate has her own beauty secrets up her sleeve.

Kate’s Chilling Beauty Confession

Quite literally, here is one skin secret that Kate Hudson swear by…

“A makeup artist who has worked with dozens of people said ‘I used to work with this actor and every day he would stick his face in an ice bath. A little water and a lot of ice. And he would just stick his face in and try to be in there as long as he could, sort of dab off, and go back in.’ I started doing it.”

And so how long does she soak her face in the said ice bah?

“It depends how badly I want it.”

Ice  Cube Facial

After your regular routine of cleansing, exfoliating, and what not, top it all off with an ice cube facial. This is definitely one cold secret to having better skin in a snap. All you have to do is fill up your sink with water and throw in a couple of ice cubes. Dip your face in, hold for at least ten seconds (AT LEAST), rise then repeat a few more times. When done, simply pat dry.

Why Ice Is Nice:

1. Reduces puffiness and swelling. 2. Tightens your pores. 3. Promotes blood circulation boosting brightness giving you a great glow. 4. Prevents excess sebum build up. (Helps get rid of oily skin) 5. It’s like botox without the prick.

Kate and GoldieWhat Goldie Hawn Passed On

"I think it's more the stuff we eat. Like green juice—mom's been drinking green juice forever. And taking teaspoons of olive oil. We love products and we have fun with products, but in terms of the real stuff that I've learned from mom, it's her lifestyle. She was always healthy and active and drinking something green."

As well as…

“Sleep! Try to get eight hours a night.”

And My God, That Bod!!! How Does Kate Do It?

There is no denying that this blond bombshell has both the beauty and the bod. But after her recent pregnancy, she definitely had to work hard to slim down.  

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