How To Prevent Spider Veins

Blue, red, green, or even purple- Age, genetics, poor circulation, or even the sun, to name a few, could be the reason (or reasons)behind spider veins.   Well, whatever the cause, they usually show up on your face, mostly around the eye area, or on your legs without any warning.  You might just wake up one morning, look in the mirror, and boom- they’re there. If you are still spider vein free- great!  But don’t just wait till they make their unwanted appearance before you take some action.  Yes, the age old saying is definitely true.  So here are some tips on how to prevent spider veins.


how to prevent spider veins

This may seem obvious, but it is ever so true.  As they say “health is wealth”- apparently because it can also save you tons of money on beauty products and treatments too.  As mentioned above, one of the reasons behind spider veins is poor circulation.  Well, one of the best ways to improve it is regular exercise.  Get your body moving, your heart pounding, and your blood flowing. Of course, eating right goes side by side with working out.  You want to try your best to maintain a healthy well balanced diet.  This basically means eating up on the good stuff, like fruits and veggies, and cutting down on the not so good stuff, like salt.  When it comes to a spider vein prevention kind of diet, think high fiber and low sodium.
  • Did you know that being over weight can also be a cause of spider veins?  That means that being healthy definitely tops the list when it comes to prevention.



UV rays really do have harmful effects on your skin- health wise as well as beauty wise.  Wearing sunscreen does not only prevent damage to the exposed parts of your skin, like wrinkles and dryness, but may also help problems that come from within- I’m talking about spider veins.  So before you step out of your door, make it a habit to apply sunscreen.  You should have one with an SPF of at least 20 for your daily routine.
  • You can use this simple equation to know just when you need a retouch: Minutes to burn without sunscreen x SPF number = maximum sun exposure time
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how to prevent spider veins

After a long day, when it’s time to kick off your shoes and relax your feet, you might as well elevate them too.  You see, your circulation will get a good boost when you rest your feet anywhere from 6-12 inches above the level of your heart.  Not to mention that this does wonders when it comes to soothing any swelling around your ankles and calves too.
  • This is especially great for pregnant women as their feet and legs tend to get bloated.  Elevating your feet will reduce the pregnant "puffy" look- well, at least in those two areas.



Sad to say ladies, although they look gorgeous, those high heel stilettos give your legs a whole lot of pressure, which may then restrict blood flow, possibly leading to broken capillaries, and eventually spider veins- or even worse, varicose veins.  Now, I’m not saying that you should trade them in for crocs, but maybe you should opt for fatter heels, lower heels, or even wedges.  It’s a good thing that flats are in.
  • But leaving your stilettos to gather dust in your closet is any fashionista’s worst nightmare.  A good solution around this would be to keep a pair of those roll up flats in your bag at all times.  Use them on your commute to and fro work or slip them on any time you need to give your feet a break.
Unfortunately, sometimes, especially when the cause is genetics, there is no preventing spider veins from showing up, but the good news is that there are different treatments and remedies that you can try.  

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