How To Nix Sagging Knee Skin

Whether it is because of weight loss or if time has finally taken it’s toll, one area that is prone to wrinkles and sag is your knees.  Think about it, there is bound to be some wear and tear after all the years of walking, bending, crawling, kneeling, and what have you.  But unfortunately, unlike your face, your knees are often times neglected. For preventive care or even damage repair, “lose the loose” with these great tips to nix sagging knee skin.

prevent Sagging Knee SkinMoisturize

Remember, dry skin is always the root of all wrinkles- no matter which part of the body you are dealing with.  But because the skin on your knees (just like your elbows) is always bending and stretching, cracks and creases are easily formed over time.  So make it a habit to moisturize.  Even when you’re not showing off your legs, slather on some lotion nonetheless. When looking at lotion labels your two key words should be ammonium lactate and urea.  Usually prescription, but you may find it in some over the counter products, this is especially designed to target and heal overly dry, chapped, scaly skin.

Sagging Knee SkinExfoliate

Just like your face, you should also give your knees a good scrub every now and then.  Every time you exfoliate, you actually slough off dead skin cells.  Not only will you be bringing out the fresher, brighter, YOUNGER skin beneath, but you will also be speeding up the whole turnover process that repairs and renews the skin. As your age gets higher, this process gets slower.  So any help is definitely welcome.  But again, just like you do with your face, you don’t want to exfoliate every single day.  Once or twice a week should be enough.

Sagging Knee SkinExercise

A deep cleaning followed by some moisturizer is absolutely necessary to having younger looking knees, but of course, there is much more to it than that.  To really tone the loose skin, you will have to develop the muscles above your knee caps.  How? Exercise.  More specifically? Leg extensions. Okay, you will need a good pair of ankle weights- but don’t overdo it.  Of course, you want something heavy, but not to the point that you could actually strain your legs.  Once you strap them on, sit on a chair, raise your legs up and slowly (note: SLOWLY) lower them back down again.

118151_yogaTake A Class

Take a yoga class or follow one on TV at home.  Yoga pretty much focuses on stretching.  You may be thinking that the skin on your knees already have enough of that every day, but the right class targets specific “problem” areas. As mentioned earlier, stretching can cause wrinkles, so you will have to combat that by keeping it hydrated and moisturized, but at the same time, it actually also does some good by strengthening your skin too. Another great class that you can join is Pilates.  Pilates, on the other hand, focuses more on strength than “stretch”.  Building up the muscles in your legs will also help tighten up sagging knee skin.  Not to mention that it is also a great way to keep the flab away from your thighs too.  

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