How To Dress Your Age In Your 40’s - Fashion Over 40 Dos And Don’ts

With the big 4-0 comes some big changes.  Remember, your body and skin aren’t what they used to be back when you were 20. No matter how well you’ve taken care of yourself, time and gravity are totally against you. When it comes to fashion, different age bracket, different styles. So here are some tips to help you with the transition. Check out these great fashion over 40 dos and don’ts that are sure to keep you looking your best, even after 4 decades.

How To Dress Your Age In Your 40’s - Fashion don'tFashion Don’t #1

Okay ladies, no matter how great your legs are, firm, toned, even possibly wrinkle and cellulite free, it is time to say good bye to those micro minis.  Remember you want to dress to look younger, not dress too young- and a high hem totally crosses that fine line.

How To Dress Your Age In Your 40’s - Fashion DoFashion Do #1

But that doesn’t mean that you have to stop wearing skirts or dresses altogether. You are still left with so many different choices.  Choose ones with hems that are just below the knee, on  the knee, or even up to an inch or so above the knee. And let’s not forget about maxis. Pencil cuts are great for this age plus they are totally in this year too.
  • TIP: A pair of trendy shoes will always bring life to any boring outfit- just remember that comfort is key!

Fashion Don'tFashion Don’t  #2

Just as the high hem lines have got to go, so do the low neck lines. Think about it, it is in your 40’s when signs of aging start to show in your neck area, so what about your breast area? Because no matter what kind of wonder bra you have, those puppies won't be as perky as they once were. So why show them off? But, let’s say that you still do have an amazing pair, cleavage is definitely not classy, well, at least when it comes to fashion over 40.

41bOqDfXo+L._AA160_Fashion Do #2

If you are still confident with what you’ve got, you can still keep those V necks, but know just how low you should go.  Again, to reiterate, cleavage is definitely not classy, well, at least not at this age. But if you want to cover up the damage on your décolleté, do know that turtle necks are not your only option.  Turn up or stand up collars are a great way to cover a wrinkled neck and bring the focus more on your face.
  • TIP: Wearing white or light colors near your face will help brighten it up!

Fashion Don'tFashion Don’t #3

Even if you are a mom, heaven forbid you ever, no matter what age, own a pair of mom jeans. You know those baggy,  put on a “fat day” pair that does absolutely nothing for your figure, let alone make it look worse? No matter how comfortable they may be, if you have a pair, get rid of them ASAP.

Fashion Do #3Fashion Do

When it comes to jeans, at 40, the darker the better.  You want to get more fitted styles that actually accentuate your curves rather than hide them. Although comfort is most definitely key, comfort is not necessarily synonymous with loose and baggy.  High waist jeans are actually great for this age. Not only is this style totally in, but it will also help keep in any excess flab that you may have in that certain stomach area.

Fashion Don'tFashion Don’t #4

Sure, no matter how much of a true blue fashionista you may be, there comes a time when following the hot new trends has got to stop. Now, I’m not saying that you should shun away from catwalks and magazines, but you should definitely pick you poison well. I.E., Crop tops are totally hot- for women in their 20s. Get my point?
Trendy is no longer attractive

Fashion Do #4

So instead of merely following what’s hot and what’s not, it is good time that you put together you very own signature look.  So instead of following trends, choose clothes that fit well, look great, and make you feel good. As mentioned earlier, you don’t have to give up trends altogether. A good solution would be to implement them into the style that you have developed- long as it’s age appropriate, of course.
  • TIP: A fine print or a bold accessory usually does the trick.

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