How To Dress Your Age In Your 30s

How to dress in your 30s Dressing your age can be tricky. Remember there is a fine line between choosing clothes to make you look a couple years younger and clothes that are way too young for you.  So to help you save your style, and save your face- here is a short guide on how to dress your age in your 30s.


Rule of thumb, once you’re way past your 20s, your hemline shouldn’t get higher just as your age does, even if you have spend a fair amount of time on the stair master. Now I’m not condemning you to maxi skirts (although they are totally in this year!). You can still go ahead and show off some leg, but do keep it a couple of inches above the knee instead of a few below your hips.
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One thing, however, that should get higher is your neckline. Age and gravity take different tolls on different people at different times, this may be because of lifestyle choices or genetics. Some women may start to feel the drag and sag in their 30s while the lucky ones in the same age bracket may still have breasts that are perky as a puppy. Of course, the former should definitely cover up more (and invest in a good amount of push up bras!) but even the latter shouldn’t go for those super low plunging Vs (well, a night out with the girl might just be an exception- but only if you are comfy and can totally rock it). You can still dress fun and flirty in your 30s, but with a little touch on the classy side.  So go ahead and wear those skin tight jeans or keep your favorite mini, but your old rock and roll cropped top has got to go (well, at the very least to the back of your closet). Whether you are a professional climbing the corporate ladder or a stay at home mom, you want either your boss to be proud to have you on his team or your kids not to be ashamed when you pick them up from school. AGAIN, the keyword is CLASSY.
  • TIP: A nice piece of jewelry always does the trick.
And because classic looks are forever, when shopping, now is the time for you to focus more on “investment pieces”-You know, clothes that will stand the test of time instead of picking out the flavor of the month.  You see, this is the age old case of quality over quantity. So instead of buying 3 cheap dresses, get the one that probably has the higher price tag, but won’t just wear and tear even after a number of trips to the washing machine. (Again, SALE is always the exception).


Of course, variety is the spice of life, and the key to any fashionista’s closet.  But in your 30s, here are the top three dresses that you should definitely have hangers for.


wrap around dressWhether it is because of having kids or just time and age altogether, the wrap around is definitely a must have. Why? This wrinkle free type of dress not only saves you time (away from the ironing board), it is totally comfortable (whether sitting in your office chair or running after your tiny tot), it’s stylish, and best of all, it accentuates your curves (Why hide? Take pride!). Plus, it can easily go from day to night just like that.


The shift dressThe shift dress is totally stylish and chic.  Plus, you can wear it however you want-  go bare and match it with a pair of sandals or slip on some stockings and ballet flats. Put a blazer over it and go to work. Ditch the jacket for a round after. Dress it up with a little shawl for fancier events. TIP: To really really stand out and add that whole "wow" factor, plains are great, but prints are even better!


how to dress in your 30sThe peplum dress- and not just because peplum totally made a huge comeback this 2013 (however, that does just make it even more of a must have). But let me clear up a little something regarding this style. You need to be tall, and skinny to rock this look- FALSE! That little extra fabric that goes around your waist actually does you good as it helps hide those earlier years of binge drinking or even ones of bearing a child in the lower belly area.
In your 30s, peplum is a trend you can wear without it wearing you. It makes you stand out in a crowd.
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Remember, this is the time when you choose comfort. You may not be as agile as you were in your 20s, and even if you are, why go through the trouble when you have so many more pressing matters to focus on instead of just balancing your 5 inch stilettos. Also, nothing ruins and outfit like ill fitting clothes. Size does matter- so make sure you are sporting the right one.
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