How Old Is The Skin You're In?

How Old Is The Skin You're InYou know how people count the rings on a cut tree to tell it’s age?  Well, it’s almost the same for your skin and those nasty fine lines.  But you should know that how old or young your skin may be isn’t always up to par with how old you really are.  Double edged really, your skin can make you look years younger just as it can make you seem decades older. No matter what you do, there is absolutely no way you can stop the aging process.  Time doesn’t wait for anybody.  However, you can do it as gracefully as possible.  It may be one of the biggest factors, but it definitely isn’t the only one.  Genetics, lifestyle, and anti aging care (or lack of) all add to the mix. But instead of going over every single detail, there is actually a relatively simple test that you can do to find out just how old your skin really is.
The Skin Age Test
Start with a clean face.  Go ahead and wash away any grime or dirt.  Remember to pat dry when done.  After a while, give it 20 -30 minutes, you should be ready to take the test, given that your face is still clean. Simply get a piece of scotch tape and press it down gently from the tip of your forehead down to the tip of your nose.  After a few seconds, get the same strip and do it on the outsides of your eyes, under them, and finally above your lip.  Simple as that, the test is done.
The Results
The age of your skin may very well be on the strip of tape you used to take the test.
  • If the tape is smooth, that means your skin is in it’s 30s- congratulations!
  • If there are few flakes of dead skin cells on the tape, your skin is about 40.
  • Finally, if you have those flakes accompanied by little lines, your skin is 50 or above.
  Now, you may be wondering why there isn’t any “your skin is 20” in the results.  You should know that your skin is pretty much at it’s peak at it’s 20s (this means at your 20’s).  You see, those years before you hit the big 2-0 are the safe ones- two great anti aging care free decades.  As long as you didn’t over do the tan, then you have nothing to worry about. Now that you know what state your skin is in, it is time you better do something about it- click here to find out what!

  • Fun Fact:

Another thing that you can do once your face is nice and clean is to sit down properly on a chair or bed then place a mirror on your lap.  Then you want to place you face horizontally directly above the mirror.  Look down and you will be looking into the future- or at least what you will look like as you age. Now, do the opposite.  Hold the mirror directly above your face.  If you look up, that is pretty much what you will look like with the proper care or if you get a facelift.      

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