High Protein, Low Sugar Foods – Good For Anti-aging And Your Skin

[caption id="attachment_2657" align="alignleft" width="294"]High Protein, Low Sugar Foods EGGS are HIGH in PROTEIN yet LOW in SUGAR.[/caption] The more I read about anti-aging and skincare, the more connections seem to crop up. For instance, diet is an important part of staying young. What you eat can keep the body healthy or make it unhealthy, which also affects how the skin functions and looks. And a healthy body keeps you active and vital. To this extent, anti-agers often suggest eating nutrient dense foods. The theory being that they give the body what it needs and much more, as opposed to common western diets like the standard American diet that...errr...don't. They are carb and sugar dense, and if we are feeling a little conspiratorial, pushed on the mainstream population by large food company ad revenues to make money for these corporations. The thing is, nutrient dense foods seem to fit into two common diet plans that are becoming more popular these days, notably the sugar detox and paleo diets. And a common theme in both these diets is high protein, low sugar foods. In fact, many people anti-aging advocates suggest adopting modified versions of these diet plans. With this in mind, here are some high protein, low sugar food suggestions for you to chew on !
Meat : Beef, Pork, Lamb, Venison Poultry : Chicken, Turkey and Game Birds Fish : Salmon, Tuna...all fish and shellfish in fact
  As you can see, not many animal proteins are off the list. Anti-agers may advocate eating less meat and substituting it with other forms of protein, like tofu, but on the whole protein is needed as you age. Paleo and sugar detox diets advocate eating these foods provided they are organic. EGGS are high protein and low in sugar. Again anti-agers and paleo afficionados would have some form of egg protein in their diet. NUTS : All good. Most nuts are a good form of protein but quite high in calories. Provided they aren't cover in honey or some other sweetener, they are low in sugar too. Anti-ager recommend walnuts and hazelnuts as good to have in an anti-age diet. DAIRY PRODUCTS : Paleo advocates try to remove dairy products from the diet but all dairy products, in their natural form are good for protein and low in sugar (Chocolate milk is off that list of course). So things like milk, greek style yogurt, cottage cheese and standard hard and soft cheeses. Anti-agers would probably give more weighting to greek yogurt for the probiotics that help keep the gut healthy. BEANS AND LEGUMES: most beans are high in protein and low in sugar. Again, this depends how they are prepared. Beans in a tin will have sugar added (classic Heinz bake beans for instance). Your best better is to get the fresh or dried beans and rehydrate them. Sugar detoxers and anti-agers see the benefits of black, pinto and kidney beans. They would also recommend lentils , split peas and tofu. Paleo diets differ on this point and advocate against eating beans and legumes.

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