Have Fun In The Sun, The Safe Way- Tips On How To Keep Yourself Protected From Those Nasty UV Rays

anti aging tips Everyone knows that when it comes to keeping your skin young and vibrant, the sun can be your number one enemy.  Remember that a tan is not the same as a youthful glow.  UV rays can definitely do a lot of damage- think sunspots, wrinkles, cataracts, dehydration, let’s not even get started on skin cancer. But that doesn’t mean that you should stay cooped up in your house all summer long.  After all, what fun is that?  With these great tips on how to stay safe under the sun, you can go ahead and brave the beach, worry free.

anti aging tips sunscreen1.WEAR SUNSCREEN!

I cannot emphasize this enough.  Sunscreen is definitely your best friend this summer.  Heck, even when you’re not out enjoying the surf and sand, you should still get your daily dose of this good stuff.  Just imagine, on your regular routine of going to work or school and back home again without any exceptional sun basked activities, the ideal SPF is already 15 and above- nothing lower.  So if you are planning to hit the beach, you better bring out the big guns.  Look for sunscreen with SPF of at least 25.   Of course, swimming is part of your itinerary, then you better look for the water proof kind too.
  • Put on your sunscreen 15 minutes before going under.  This will give your skin enough time to absorb it well.
  • Before applying, make sure that your skin is perfectly dry.  Even just your sweat can dilute it and make it easy to rub off.
  • Even if you get the water proof stuff, after taking a di pin the pool, be sure to dry off then reapply.

anti aging tips sunglasses2.DON’T FORGET YOUR SUNGLASSES

Sunscreen is not the only thing that you need to put on to keep safe from the sun, after all, it isn’t only your skin that is at risk.  Having said that, not only your eyelids but your corneas can suffer too.  So to prevent cataracts later on in life, you have to choose sunglasses not only based on style but function as well.  Looking cool isn’t the only reason to wear them.  Look for glasses that offer UV protection. Here are a couple other kinds that you might be interested in:
  • Blue-blocking lenses- these babies make it easier to see things that are far away.  However, because they are usually tinted in amber, you may have a hard time to discriminate the different hues in traffic lights, so it isn’t the best for driving.
  • Mirror coated lenses- this type will actually help block visible light.
  • Polarized lenses- these actually help reduce glare, be it from a shiny surface or from the ocean blue.  However, polarized hardly ever have any UV protection, so you might want to get them coated with that stuff.
  • Photochromic lenses- Yet another type that reduces glare, but these ones also help maintain clarity. 
  • Polycarbonate lenses- These are great for protection during physical activities.

anti aging tips - hat3.Choose The Right Clothes

What you wear can also be a big help.  Now, I’m not saying that you should put on a long sleeved turtle neck.  Go ahead and show off some skin in your bikini, but a nice big summer hat will definitely help keep safe from sunburn.  Then when it is time to cover up, look for shirts and shorts that are made of light cotton or linen.

4. Time Check

Sure a day at the beach sounds great, but not the whoe day under the sun.  There is a specific time when the its damage is at it’s worst.  11 am to 3 pm is the perfect time for you to take a break ( and I don’t mean for you to sleep on the beach while getting a tan).  Retreat to your room, go to the spa, or even just chill at a sea side juice bar.  But, by all means, this is when you should stay out of the water and away from the sun.

5. Bottoms Up

To keep cool, you should drink, drink, drink.  You don’t want to get dehydrated, let alone have sun stroke.  So be sure to take lots of fluids- be it a tropical concoction of sorts or even just some good old water.  Unless you work at Ocean Park, your body probably isn’t used to the hot weather.      

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