Great Makeup Tips To Make You Look Younger: The Basics Of Your Anti Aging Makeup Base

Anti Aging Makeup tipsOkay, eating right and getting enough exercise will certain help keep the years off, so will your daily anti aging skin care routine.  But if you want a quick fix, make up is the answer- as long as you do it right.  So here are some great make up tips to make you look younger in just a matter of minutes. In this article, we will only be focusing on how to get the perfect makeup base to minus those fine lines, sunspots, and the like.

Begin With The Base

Of course you start with a clean face (remember to always PAT DRY!) followed by your daily moisturizer (never put any makeup on dry skin!).  Let it set into your skin for a couple of minutes, then you can begin with your base.  You will need 3 products. TIP:  Tinted moisturizer is definitely a plus!
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Primer pretty much smoothens out your skin making it the perfect “canvass” for your makeup .  You will be amazed at the difference this does. So simply put some on your forehead, nose, chin, and cheeks and spread evenly but focus on areas where makeup usually fades, like the T-Zone and any parts with big pores too. You should know that primer actually helps makeup last longer on your face. TIP: Some products will require you to use a damp sponge while others let you put it on straight from the tube.  MAKE READING A HABIT and be sure to follow instructions.


This will help even out your skin (uneven skin tone will be quite a common problem the older you get) and even hide blemishes too, such as acne marks or sunspots. After the primer has dried, you can use a sponge or brush to spread evenly over your face and neck.  Again, you can focus on problem areas since this also acts as a concealer. Another neat and fast way to do this is to first pump about two pea sized squirts on the palm of your hand.  Then rub together with the other to spread some on both palms.  Starting from the center of your face, move outwards to your hairline.  Then blend to make sure it is even. TIP:  As you get older, your skin may tend to be a tad bit duller.  So when shopping around, keep these three words in mind- illuminating, brightening, and luminous.


Next You want to put on some loose powder.  You can forget those compacts that you had way back when.  You see, the powder from compacts tend to seep into your fine lines making wrinkles much more visible (who would want that?).  So go for loose powder instead and apply with a brush. TIP:   You should look for translucent, light-diffusing, or mineral powder.  Remember, you probably already have the tinted moisturizer, so skip the tinted powder. You definitely do not want to overdo all the shine.
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