Great Makeup Tips To Make You Look Younger: Pucker Up Butter Cup, It’s All About The Lips

Makeup Tips for younger looking lipsYes, anti aging care has hit the lips too. After all, your sweet little puckers do get old just like the rest of your body. So you should take the right action to have a healthy pout- that’s definitely something to smile about! But for instant kissable young luscious lips, let makeup do the trick!  Unless you are blessed with Angelina Jolie lips,  you will definitely want to check out these great anti aging makeup tips especially for your lips. When it comes to younger looking lips, PLUMP is PERFECT!

Makeup Tips for younger looking lipsLINER

As long as you know how to use a lip pencil properly, it can be your magic wand to plumper fuller lips, not to mention that it can also make your lipstick last much longer. With the pencil in hand, lightly draw over the outer edge of your lips, but just a little bit (you don’t want to look anything like the Joker, after all). Choose one that has a neutral tone, again, referring back to the whole Joker look, you don’t want anything that will be way to noticeable. TIP: If you make a mistake when drawing with your pencil, remove everything and start from scratch.  Nothing is worse than wavy or uneven lines.
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Choose your color wisely. Red is really great and it has definitely made a comeback this year. But despite it’s popularity, unfortunately, this shade does age you. So if you want to look younger, opt for warmer softer colors. So instead of bold Burlesque red, go for a light rose. TIP: When choosing your lipstick, you want something that is about 2 shades lighter than your pencil.  


Once you have your liner and lipstick done, to really make that pout come out, you will need a light white or off white pencil and pale pink lipstick. Use the light white pencil to draw a little line in the middle of your upper lip right under what they call “Cupid’s Bow”. The pale pink lipstick is for your lower lip. Put a little dot right smack in the middle. Then you want to blend both in with your finger. TIP: To gloss or not to gloss?  There has been quite a lot of debate regarding this.  Sure, all the teens use it, but that doesn't mean that it will make you look younger.  Remember, you are a woman, not a girl.  So ditch the gloss and stick to the stick.
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