Great Makeup Tips To Make You Look Younger: Eye Makeup To Make You Smile And Smize

Makeup Tips for younger looking eyesThey say that the eyes are the windows to your soul-maybe. But the windows to your age?- definitely. That is, only if you let them be. Some of the first signs of aging appear in the eyes. So you should definitely have the right routine of eye cream and whatnot to keep those fine lines away. But if you want to have an instant fix, then you should definitely turn to makeup and take off the years in just a matter of minutes. Here we will focus on what you can do to really make you smile and smize with younger looking eyes.

Light Water Based Foundation

Before anything else (well, except for a clean face, that is) you want to hide those dark circles under your eyes. A neat trick would be to use a light water based foundation and a Q-Tip. Get a pea sized drop on your hand, dip the Q-Tip and dab under your eyes all the way to the inner circles. Then blend evenly in a circular motion. Tip:  For really dark circles, you should probably use concealer.
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Eye liner

Eye liner is amazing!—Even for days when you don’t feel like putting on a lot of makeup, lining your eyes alone will do wonders. It will give those tired eyes an instant lift. The secret is actually to use two instead of just one. Line the top with black or brown then line the bottom with white or cream. A lighter shade at the bottom will definitely make them pop giving you a more youthful look. Tip:  WING IT!  With liquid eyeliner, follow your lash line and work past it to the top outer corner of your eye.  Follow the upward curve.  Then from that angle where you stopped, work your way back inside.  The closer you get to the inner corner, the thinner the liner should be.


Nothing quite lifts sagging eyelids like an eyelash curler. Curly lashes will automatically make your eyes brighter, hence younger. Get the curler closest to your lids as possible. Then instead of just holding it down for five seconds ( but of course, you will do this first), you want to open and close the curler so that it seems like you are pressing on your lashes next. Do this five times. Then go ahead and put on some mascara. TIP:  Instead of just using one kind of mascara, add a second coat with a totally different one (different brand or different kind).  This will give your lashes more volume.

Eye Shadow

When it comes to eye shadow, the trick is not to be afraid of shimmer- embrace it! But not too much. After all, what better way to make your eyes sparkle, right? Get some light shimmery eye shadow and put some in your inner circles. Since this is the area that constantly gets darker with age, why not lighten it up? Put some of that same shade under your brows to really make your eyes stand out.  TIP:  You can use three different shades of eye shadow (but with similar hues) starting with the darkest first getting lighter and lighter the higher up you go. 
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