Five Minute Facial Exercise For A Younger Looking You

[caption id="attachment_144" align="alignleft" width="300"]facial exercise "keep your face as smooth and wrinkle free as possible- FACErcise."[/caption] Signs of aging usually begin on your face with the appearance of fine lines- which, by the way, are not very fine at all. Of course, it is pretty much inevitable to have some wrinkles here and there. You can’t stop time, but you can bring it’s effects on your skin down to a minimum. Aside from dabbing on different products and having a healthier lifestyle, there is something else that you can add to the whole anti aging mix and keep your face as smooth and wrinkle free as possible- FACErcise. Yes, you read that right. Exercise isn’t just for your body anymore. Now, there are facial exercises too that help bring out a younger looking you. You can reduce the appearance of fine lines without spending too much time or even exerting too much effort. So here are some quick and easy exercises that will only take about 5 minutes of your day focusing on your eyes, forehead, and lips.

face exercisesEyes

The first thing you have to do is close your eyes- and pretty much keep them closed through this whole routine. Now, with your eyes completely shut tight (take note: TIGHT), take your index fingers and place them just above the bridge of your nose somewhere in between your brows and your thumbs go right beside the outer corners of your eyes. Now that everything is in place, you want to start pulling your index fingers up and your thumbs out towards your temples at the same time while applying some pressure. You see, the reason your eyes should be tightly shut is that your goal is to have the muscles around your eyes working against the movement of your fingers. This is supposed to reduce the puffiness of your eyes and tone both the upper and lower eyelids. Plus, it feels really nice too.

facial exercise for younger looking faceForehead

Place the all your fingers on the top of your forehead except for your thumbs. Spread them across. Then raise your eyebrows. By also applying pressure, you want to slowly pull your fingers down while keeping your eyebrows up. Just like the first exercise, this is done in order to get your forehead muscles working against the tension. This is supposed to help smoothen out those worry lines on your forehead and to reduce hanging upper eyelids. After, you can also bring your eyebrows together as if you were frowning then slowly raise them as high as you can. Do this whole up and down routine about 5 times.


Begin by pressing your upper lip to your upper teeth and make an oval shape with your mouth- again, keep it that way. Then get the tips of your index fingers and place them on the corners of your mouth. While applying pressure, push both fingers up until they touch the corners of your nostrils. When the tips touch the corners, slowly move them back to where you started. Ideally, you should do this until you feel a slight burn. To soothe it, you can lightly tap your fingers up and down on the area for about 30 seconds. This is supposed to smoothen the lines around your lips as well as the ones that you find around your nostrils too. After, you can also smack your lips several times.      

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