Face Yoga: Rise And Smize With This Pose For Your Eyes

Forget the botox ladies, when dealing with those puffy eyes and dark bags turn to Face Yoga instead. Just imagine, no knives or needles. 5 minutes a day can take about 5 years away. This is definitely no quick fix though and yes, you will look absolutely insane while doing it, but if you just stick with the program, you are sure to rise and smize with younger looking eyes. Check out this set straight from Fumiko Takatsu, the very creator of the Face Yoga Method.

Face Yoga For The Eye Area

Place the middle fingers at the innermost corner of the eyes and index fingers at the outermost corner of the eyes and apply slight pressure. Look straight. Make an “O” shape with your mouth Look up at the ceiling with just your eyes keeping the forehead relaxed and feel the stretch under the eyes. Without moving or wrinkling the forehead, open your eyes wide. Squint for 5 seconds. Close your eyes and relax for 3 seconds. Repeat 5 times holding and relaxing.

This is supposed to 1. tone your those nasty eye bags and 2. reduce the puffiness as well. Making it the perfect pose for after an all nighter.

My Personal Take On This Pose:

Out of all the poses, this one was the most appealing to me. You see, not to brag or anything, but I like to think that I have pretty good skin- still supple and wrinkle free, smooth, with a nice tone. I do take my beauty routine seriously after all. However, staying up all night writing has definitely taken it’s toll, especially when you have to wake up early to take care of a three year old. Sure, sleep is still the best solution to those dark circles, and although I would love to practice what I preach, currently that is one luxury that I just have to give up, HATE to, but HAVE to. I may not have 8 hours for slumber, but I can certainly spare five minutes. (I absolutely love how little time it takes.) Okay, so I’ve been doing this face yoga bit for just about a month now. I still have eyebags, I figure that will take longer to get rid of, however, it absolutely does wonders to take the puffiness away. Plus it feels absolutely amazing too. Aside from that eye area pose, check out Fumiko Takatsu's video on how else to help get rid of dark circles:

 But if you wanna know how to get rid of those unwanted wrinkles as well, CLICK HERE.


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