Face Serums : All About The Oils

Making your very own face serums right at home can be fun and easy.  The best part?  You can customize it however you want.  Plus, it is really simple too.  When it comes to facial serums, there are only two main ingredients, your carrier oil and your essential oil. Check out these lists to help you find just the ones that you need.


Carrier oils are also known as Base oils.  Having said that, basically, these oils are used to dilute the essential oils.  You see, sometimes, essential oil may be a tad bit harsh and can cause certain kinds of skin irritations. That is why carrier oils are needed- to pretty much make the essential oils weaker to avoid any skin problems. Face Serums - Carrier oils


Essential oils are extracts that come from the aromatic portions of plants, flowers, roots, bark, and whatnot.  These concentrated essences, as they are also called, have various therapeutic properties. Essential oils

93679_small_bottle_and_dropperMAKING THE MIXTURE

To make your very own face serum, first you should choose your carrier oil.  You can also mix and match if you like.  You will need about 4 tablespoons.  Put your carrier oil in a dark colored bottle. Then choose your essential oils.  You will need a dropper as you will add 30 drops or so to your carrier oil. SHAKE! TIP: Adding a couple drops of Vitamin E will make all the difference. Let the serum sit for a good 24 hours before you use it. You want the oils to really mix well.    

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