Debra, Katie, And Gwyneth’s Snake Venom Skin Care

Celebrity Beauty Secrets - Snake Venom2013 is year of the water snake and if you believe in the Chinese New Year, there are certain symbols of this animal (along with others, of course) used in bracelets, amulets, key chains, and what have you that are supposed to bring in the good luck. Well, for actresses Katie Holmes, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Debra Messing to name a few, luck has nothing to do with their gorgeous skin. The common active ingredient behind their beauty regime actually comes from this slithering land serpent. SNAKE VENOM.

More On The Venom

Don’t freak out just yet. I mean it’s not like they go to the spas to have cobras actually spit on their faces. It’s just that the whole concept behind snake venom facials and creams is to try to mimic the paralyzing effect thus lessening the wrinkles. Basically, you can think of it as topical botox in a bottle. It is supposed to relax your muscles and smooth out your skin- but minus the fangs, minus the needles! Wait, it gets even better. Snake venom products do not restrict facial movement whatsoever. So unlike botox, you won’t have that unnatural emotionless kind of look. Apparently the “kiss of death” has become the “kiss of beauty”.
Many celebrities, including Debra Messing, are turning to snake venom to help keep their skin youthful and rejuvenated. Snake venom works on a muscular level, as it helps relax the muscles and keep them less tense. This, in turn, will keep the wrinkles at bay.

Celebrity Beauty Secrets - snake venomWhat About Safety? It’s Synthetic!

The people behind these products don’t actually wrangle snakes to get their venom. A similar synthetic SAFE version is created in some lab somewhere. Basically, they were able to mimic the properties of snake venom, especially it’s ability to block neurotransmitters- hence having a similar paralyzing effect, but one that will do you good rather than bad. But exactly how it’s done is one secret that they just won’t reveal. Studies have shown applying snake venom cream twice daily for a month, decreases wrinkles by up to 52%, and 82% increase in skin smoothness. So, what do you think about anti aging snake venom products? Will you be sharing this celebrity beauty secret or just let this one slide?          

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