Daredevil’s Deborah Ann Woll Shares Her Top Skincare Tips

[caption id="attachment_6008" align="aligncenter" width="728"]deborah ann woll Image taken from blogs.indiewire.com[/caption] Deborah Ann Woll, although she has landed her first role back in 1997, most people recognize Deborah as Jessica Hamby from True Blood, and even more recently as Karen Page from the Netflix hit Daredevil. At 31 with a promising career to look forward to, Deborah wasn’t always the head turner that she is today. In fact, it was rather the opposite for her way back when.

“As a fair skinned blonde, I disappeared into the background. I've always been a loner, so I suppose dyeing my hair red was a way to say, 'I'm here, I exist, I'm a human being and you can't just push me aside.”

Since she landed her first role, a whole lot more than the color of her hair has changed. But being of Irish and German decent, when it comes to taking care of her fair fair skin, two things remain the same. deborah-ann-woll

Deborah Ann Woll’s Top Skincare Tips:

“My skin is pretty low-maintenance, but I'm a big sunscreen wearer, which I think is the big thing when it comes to wrinkles, right? I think I'll be okay. If I use my sunscreen and my Lubriderm, I'm okay. “

No matter what, it is always good to stick to the basics then you can build up your own custom beauty routine from there. Remember, when it comes to skin care, you should always: 1. Cleanse 2. Moisturize 3. Protect Now more on Deborah and her love for Lubriderm.

“I use unscented Lubriderm, honestly. Just as a general moisturizer every single day. I like it because it’s very plain and I don’t have to worry about any residue or anything.”


And when it comes right down to protecting her fair skin.

“SPF for sure if you are going to be in the sun for a long time. Staying out the sun, and wearing glasses and hats. I wear long-sleeve shirts even in the summer. For a swimsuit I wear a long-sleeve rasher and then I have pants. It's almost like a wetsuit, but not as thick. “

Just as Deborah Ann Woll is a fan of the no makeup makeup look, she doesn't seem to care for plastic surgery nor do little wrinkles lines irk her all that much.

“Our lines define the expressions we’ve made most throughout life. They say a lot about who we are and what we’ve done. Besides, I gravitate toward roles that explore the messiness of life, and I need to be able to furrow my brow for that!”

Check out the trailer of Daredevil Season 2 below:

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