CC CREAM: The Next Skin Sensation?

[caption id="attachment_2840" align="alignleft" width="300"]CC Cream CC Cream: Color Control? Complexion Correction? Cough up Cash???[/caption] From BB to CC, never has our FACE been faced with so many choices. Just when you thought that BB cream couldn’t get any better, Korea has come up with yet another “alphabetized” skin care solution, CC Cream. So, if BB Cream stands for Blemish Balm or Beauty Balm, CC cream stands for Color Control, or Complexion Correction. That being said, this next gen base isn’t necessarily better. You can think of it as an extended version of the beloved BB.

BB, CC- So What’s The Big Diff?

BB Cream, CC Cream, both to be used after moisturizer, both provide SPF coverage both are great as base, but is this really the next skin sensation or is it more or less another scam for you to CC, as in Cough up Cash? Okay, so based on the name alone, CC, Color Control/Complexion Correction does pretty much what it says it does. It improves your skin tone dramatically by evening things out. You see, CC cream uses some amazing color correction technology that basically reflects light off your face. This basically makes any dull tone seem much brighter by giving it a nice glow and, of course, neutralizing any redness or uneven patches. Of course, CC cream also provides really good coverage, many argue even better than BB as although it is lighter, it is much smoother to apply. That helps hide fine lines and wrinkles too along with the redness and such leaving you with a less oily finish than that of it’s predecessor. Although “special” benefits may vary depending on the kind of CC cream you get, more or less you will get plumping peptides as well as super skin loving vitamins and minerals.

According to certain studies done by the British Journal of Dermatology, consistent use of CC cream can actually correct your skin discoloration within time.

How great is that? So it is definitely much more than just a cover up of sorts and actually provides a longterm solution to your uneven skin tone concerns.

How To Apply CC Cream?

Well, I figured, why should I tell you when I could simply show you. Out of all the CC Cream tutorial videos I've seen, I fins this one to be the best. Don't you just love how the expert says there are no specific rules to it? One way that I find most effective is to pat the CC cream on your face after you have spread it evenly around.  

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