Beauty Served Cold: Because The Fridge Isn’t Just For Your Food

[caption id="attachment_1151" align="alignleft" width="300"]Beauty Served Cold beauty is best served cold...[/caption] Beauty and youth in your refrigerator.  Although, I for one, am definitely an advocate of those “concoct your own product” right in the kitchen kinda deals as well as a strong believer that beauty begins from within (your diet), this time I’m not referring to the food that you can get out of the fridge, but actually using the ref as the perfect place to store your anti aging lotions and potions. From the bathroom counter to the ref compartment, here are some of the top reasons why beauty is best served cold.


You know how people like to put cucumbers on their eyes to reduce the puffiness? Well, using cold eye cream has pretty much the same effect. Lowering the temperature of your facial products actually increases their ability to soothe tired skin. More than that, studies have even shown that it will also help firm and tighten your skin as well- not to mention the good it will do your pores.


Hey, if it works for food, why shouldn’t it work for your beauty products too, right?  Studies have shown that keeping cosmetics and the like under low temperatures actually expands their shelf life. (in the long run, expanding your wallet too!) It makes perfect sense. You see, oxidation and other chemical reactions that may change the makeup of your product occur much faster in warmer surroundings. So by simply keeping your products in the fridge, you will be slowing down this whole process. The same actually goes for your perfume too.  A whole lot of ingredients are used to create a certain fragrance. Now, some, if not most, of these ingredients can actually go bad over a certain amount of time, thus changing the smell. So, the same "rule" of sorts pretty much applies- the lower the temperature, the slower the chemical reactions.


No, putting your products in the ref won’t add any vitamin C to them, however, it will help preserve the Vitamin C that they already contain (and tons of anti aging products do have this vitamin). The cold will pretty much keep vitamin C from breaking down. Neat!

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A Few More Tips And Reminders

Okay, remember that you want to store them in the fridge and keep at a low temperature. What you don't want to do is put them in the freezer. Doing so will actually ruin your products. Also, you want to make sure that you keep your beauty products away from your food. You can do so by keeping them in sealed containers or zip lock bags. Did you know that there are actually refrigerators especially designed for your bathroom? These are called cosmetic fridges.    

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