Beauty Secrets from the East: The 10-Step Korean Skin Care Routine

korean 10 step skincare routine Aside from K-Pop, those Korean drama shows that you hate to read through but just can't stop watching regardless of your hate of subtitles, and the hip and funky fashion trends, another take away from "the land of the morning calm" (or the land of kimchi, which is another thing to be thankful for!) is the 10-step Korean skin care routine. 10 steps may seem like a huge leap from your basic cleanse, mositurize, and protect. But, unless naturally blessed, if you want to have perfect flawless skin, you should probably give this a try, even if it may take up a bite more of your time.

1. Oil Cleanser

Oil cleanser, which is pretty much a great makeup remover, is the first step. You wanna make sure that your skin is free from not you’re your eye liner, foundation, blush, and BB cream, but as well as oil and sebum that may have accumulated throughout the day.

2. Foam Cleanser

Double cleansing is big with Koreans. That’s why after an oil cleanse, you follow up with the foam kind. This is the water based version that is supposed to get rid of dirt and grime. It’s basically washing your face, and do so in a gentle, circular fashion.

3. Exfoliator

Exfoliation is part three. However, do note that this should not be done on a daily basis. Once or twice a week is should be enough to give you that glow without doing any damage. But just as you’re sloughing the dead skin cells off your face, don’t forget to do the same for your lips as well.

4. Toner

They call it a double a cleanse, but it really seems like it’s quadruple. Why? Because Korean toner is not your typical run of the mill kind. Yes, aside from tightening, a good kind is also supposed to hydrate, clarify, and once more, cleanse your skin. It also restores your pH balance and helps prep your skin for step number five.

5. Essence

Essence, especially for Korean women, is utmost essential. Essence works on a more cellular level and speeds up the whole renewal process which leads to younger, firmer, brighter glowing skin. This usually comes in a spray form. So, once you’ve sprtz some on your face, gently tap it into place to help the skin absorb the good stuff.

6. Ampoule

Ampoule is like a super serum of sorts that specifically targets aging issues, such as dullness, uneven tone, sun spots, and yes fine lines that really aren’t all that fine to begin with. When using an ampoule, remember that just a little goes a long way- and that’s why it usually comes with a dropper. 2-3 drops should suffice. Simply massage on to your face focusing on problem areas. Again, do so in a gentle, circular motion.

7. Sheet Mask

Kind of like with exfoliation, you should only use a sheet mask once or twice a week. These masks come in a wide variety, but brightening and collage boosting are always a good choice. Simple enough to use, just place on your face and let it sit there for 10-15 minutes unless otherwise stated on the pack.

8. Eye Cream

Eye cream is a definite must have and is a must to fight off dark circles and deep bags. However, in this case, instead of applying in a circular motion, you want to take some cream on your finer and evenly tap the product around the eye area. Yes, tap. This helps with the absorption of the eye cream.

9. Emulsifier

An emulsifier is actually a really light weight moisturizer. Again, you want to apply evenly over face and neck in a gentle, circular motion.

10. Night Cream

And finally, finish up with a night cream. Obviously, cleansing and moisturizing are really important, kind of like the main focus of the Korean ten step skincare routine. More potent than an emulsifier, this pretty much seals the deal and locks in all the products that you put on throughout the process.

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