Basic Anti Aging Tips - Future Proof Your Body For The New Year

With the new year upon us, most people start making plans and goals for the future. This often means thinking about their health - whether it is to quit smoking, lose a few pounds or do more exercise - the aim is to take better care of themselves. Anti-aging can fit into this category as it is more than just preventing wrinkles. Anti-aging is about future proofing your body on a holistic level. So for the new year, start your anti aging routine today ! Just think, a few decades ago, no one would have ever thought that the whole aging process starts in your 20s but kids today are smart enough to slather on the sunscreen. This time, instead of focusing on some new and improved technique or what have you, let’s go back to the basics.  Here are the primary tips that should definitely be on your anti aging to do list.

Anti Aging TipsEat Right

Remember, anti aging should definitely begin from within.  Whatever goes in your mouth goes straight to each and every cell in your body(skin cells included, of course).  So you actually have the choice and the power to decide if you want nutrients or toxins.  Obviously, the former is the right choice.  So be sure to get a good dose of fruits and veggies on a daily basis.  Find good sources of antioxidants and make it part of your meal.  Know your foods and plan right.


This can never be stressed enough.  WEAR SUNSCREEN.  It doesn’t matter if you are hitting the beach or if you are just going to the office on a regular Monday.  UV rays are always at work, even on a cloudy day.  So be sure to stay safe with the right SPF.

Anti Aging TipsExercise

A healthy, fit, strong, body is a young one.  No beauty cream can take the place of regular exercise.  A lot of people may say that their hectic schedule keeps them from going to the gym.  Well, take the stairs to your floor instead of the elevator.  You need regular exercise.

Make Reading A Habit

I’m not referring you to become a bookworm (although that is a really great way to keep your brain sharp and young!), but I mean that you should always, ALWAYS, read the label of any products that you plan to put on your skin.  Of course, being properly informed of what is good and what isn’t should be the first step.  Just a quick tip (exercise your brain and do more research on your own), you want to steer clear of parabens, phthalate, hydroquinone, formaldehydes, and lead.

Anti Aging TipsDrink Up

No matter what they say, the fountain of youth was always right in front of you- WATER.  Staying hydrated is key to looking young.  Never settle for less than 8 glasses a day.

Be Happy

Nothing quite ages you like a frown, despite the laugh lines you get otherwise.  You see, stress is actually one way to speed up the whole process. So try to take things easy.  Now, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t work as hard, let alone quit your job.  What I mean is that no matter how tense things may get, find the time to relieve and relax.  

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