Anti Aging Skin Care - Top 3 Products To Use In Your 40s

Anti Aging Skin Care 40sOkay, you’ve hit your 40’s, older and wiser- that goes for your skin care routine too.  After you have probably encountered a couple of signs of aging in your 30’s, it is pretty safe to say that you are past the initial shock of it all- I’m talking about the first time you noticed wrinkles and maybe even a sunspot here and there, possibly even the beginning of crow’s feet. Unfortunately, there is no absolute way to stop the skin from aging- so you can expect things to get a little worse- your skin becomes dryer because it retains less moisture, sagging may start as it loses more elasticity as well as collagen, even your complexion may begin to dull from that once vibrant glow.  Fine lines become more noticeable and all of those trips to the beach finally take it’s toll with more sunspots and blotches. True, there is no such thing as a miracle cream of youth, but as long as you had a great “line of defense” in your 30’s and step up your game now that you have hit your 40’s, then you don’t have all that much to worry about.  Sure, you will still age, but you will do it as young looking as possible.

Peptide Cream

When it comes to wrinkles, your days of prevention are pretty much over- now you focus on wrinkle repair.   This is where a good peptide cream comes in. Just to make things clear, you should know that peptides are actually active molecules that play a huge part in the whole process of tissue repair. So you want to get a good product that boasts of of just how rich it is in this good stuff.
Depending on your skin problem, here are the different kinds of peptides that work their own specific sort of magic:
  • Acetyl peptide- reduces how deep your lines are and even helps relax facial tension.
  • Palmitoyl pligopeptide- builds up collagen and gives elasticity a much needed boost.
  • Pentapeptide- this especially targets the wrinkles around  your eyes and forehead.
  • Tripepetide- this is for prevention of further wrinkles from showing up.
This will pretty much double as a super strong moisturizer too- so look for hyaluronic acid, shea butter, oils, or petrolatum.

Anti Aging Skin Care 40s retinolRetinol Cream

Okay, so we have basically covered this in your 30s.  However, this time, over the counter is not really advisable anymore.  Now you want to go to the pros and get a specific prescription for your own specific skin concerns. Just a little recap:
Being a derivative from Vitamin A, retinol cream is designed to up your collagen levels, which means it can prevent sagging and reduce lines, and it also increases your skin’s water content, which means that it will lock in more moisture. It also boosts up cell turnover, evens out your skin tone, unclogs pores, and makes your skin soft and smooth.
But basically, you want one that will reduce uneven spots, up collagen production, one that thickens your unfortunately thinning skin, and, now this is an important one, you want a retinol cream that can reverse sun damage- the precancerous kind.
  • TIP: Obviously, this is no mild ointment of sorts.  You do not want to go overboard.  So you want to apply your retinol cream every other day, unless prescribed otherwise.


Yes, you read that right- cleanser.  Of course, cleanser is already a given no matter how young or how old you may be.  However, now it is time for a change.  Ditch the gel type and move on to the cream kind.  Once when you get up and right before you hit the hay.
  • TIP: A cleanser with salicylic acid is great, or even one with a mild AHA, but only if your skin does not react negatively to it.  If so, then just once a day should suffice.

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